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Hiromi Tsuru Passes Away At 57


Hiromi Tsuru, best known for her role as Bulma in the popular Dragon Ball series (who she has been voicing since 1986), has unfortunately passed away at the not so ripe old age of 57, ending the chapter of yet another legendary seiyuu.

Found unconscious in her car on the metropolitan expressway in central Tokyo, Hiromi Tsuru was deftly brought to a hospital but was unfortunately pronounced dead; her seat belt had been fastened and police say there was no sign of an accident – further investigations are being conducted, but it is assumed that she may have succumbed to some form of illness.

Even the western Dragon Ball fanbase has grieved over the esteemed woman’s passing:

“Apparently this is the last thing she said in super:”

“Telling the whole team ‘good luck’ and then saying ‘we’re counting on you’ as they continue on and she stays behind… it’s sad, but also really beautiful. What better last line could you ask for?”

“Awe man. I love Bulma. That’s really sad to hear.”

“Oh god this is so sad, she was only 57 way too young to go.”

“I just caught up with Super and it makes me even sadder to see her go.”

“Damn this is really tragic. We lost a great VA today.”

“Vegeta is gonna be pissed. RIP this world after hes done with it… ”

“It will feel different and sad not having the same Bulma voice in Super after this arc ends… Rest in peace Hiromi.”


“Hope she lived a fulfilling life.”

“So will they retire the character as a sign of respect?”

“She’ll forever go down as a piece of anime history.”

“Someone go find the Dragon Balls.”

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