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Girls Und Panzer Sticker Seller Licked




A heinous criminal who has been producing stickers laden with the designs of Girls Und Panzer‘s school badges and logos has been arrested, baffling many as to how he thought he could get away with such a blatantly illegal act.

Kurashiki police station and Okayama prefectural police station’s cyber patrol caught the 33-year-old Komatsu city salaryman reproducing and selling Bandai Visual’s copyrighted material via online auctions without their permission – and the vile forger has admitted to his misdeeds.

Some may surmise that the man saw the profitability of anime franchises such as Girls Und Panzer and believed he could take advantage of this fact by selling goods adorned with copyrighted livery with nobody the wiser, not reckoning on the enormous reserves of time the Japanese police are blessed with.

The man (who has been arrested for violating the Japanese copyright act) sold the stickers from May of this year to July at ¥500 per sheet, amassing untold thousands of yen in profit in the process – police are currently investigating to see if any other laws have been broken so as to hit the criminal with as many charges as possible.

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