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Police Hunt Cat For Attempted Murder


Police who started a murder manhunt for a criminal who brutally slashed the face of a sleeping woman have been revealed to have issued their warrant for a cat.

An 82-year-old Kumamoto prefecture woman had sustained numerous slashes to her face, with police treating the case as attempted murder.

Due to her old age, the victim was unable to speak and was bedridden in her home whilst receiving nursing care, police suspected the multiple cuts across her face to have been inflicted with some sort of edged tool – the woman’s daughter having found her in this state when she returned home from work.

According to investigators, there were no signs of damage inside the room (which makes sense since the woman was bedridden) though it was discovered that the family was leaving out pet food for the neighborhood’s several stray cats.

Forensic examinations however revealed the claws of a stray cat in the neighborhood apparently tested positive for human blood – immediately causing police to claim the cat as the culprit.

Since the old woman’s cuts were not very deep, police determined the cat’s claws to be the most likely cause of her wounds and are currently analyzing the blood on them – should it in fact be the woman’s blood, the cat may very well be subjected to a rather hefty sentence.

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