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Zoo on Grape-kun Statue Funding: “It’s Not Us!”


Tobu Zoo, the location where beloved penguin Grape-kun fell in love with a standee of Hululu from Kemono Friends, has denied ever starting crowd funding campaigns for the erection of a memorial statue in honor of the deceased animal, indicating that some insensitive individuals may have been attempting to profit off the emotional tragedy.

Supposedly there were numerous crowd funding campaigns that were actively seeking “donations” for the construction of a Grape-kun statue, whether or not these were money-grubbing schemes or earnest attempts to convince the zoo to build a statue, Tobu Zoo officially stated that they are not behind any of them:

“There have been several mentions on social media and in other places of donations being solicited to make a statue of Grape-kun, a Humboldt penguin who lived at our zoo. However, please be aware that our organization has not agreed to accept such a statue, nor is it involved in any plans to produce a statue or collect funds for its creation.”

Many have shown disgust over the possibility of greedy individuals attempting to take advantage of such a sad event, though this may perhaps convince Tobu Zoo to build a state of their own…

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