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Camera Crushes 3 At Nogizaka46 Concert


A falling camera at a Nogizaka46 concert has crushed three concert-goers, with many leaping to condemn the event’s staff for negligence.

Japanese variety show “Sukkiri” recently reported on the incident, which occurred some time ago at the July 7th concert held at the Tokyo Dome in Suidobashi when a camera fell into the audience on the right side – photos and footage from the broadcast showed that the shock and impact of the 40kg camera (which was being suspended by merely 4 wires) bent the chairs beneath it.

A brief interview was also had with one of the people who were hit by the camera; his testimony:

“I suddenly heard a great sound from behind as a wire hit me in the shoulder, then I think I saw a camera behind me fall down. There was a noisy crowd around one person who had become caught and cramped in the vicinity of the camera. The camera was quite heavy and it was a situation where I had no idea what to do.”

Fans 10 meters away from the scene of the accident also said they heard a loud slamming noise but were clueless as to what had happened; it apparently took 5 minutes for staff to arrive onto the scene, where they dismantled the wires and took the camera away – those in the office claimed that they “did not hear” any announcement or warning of an accident.

The usual corporate response was dealt out to band-aid the situation via Nogizaka46’s official website:

“To those suffering from the accident, we deeply apologize from the bottom of our hearts. Also all those who continuously support Nogizaka46, we apologize deeply for causing you worry.”

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