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Oh! My Goddess Mangaka Sued by Ex


The already controversial marriage between 20-year-old cosplayer Nekomu Otogi and famed 51-year-old manga illustrator Kosuke Fujishima (Oh! My Goddess and several “Tales of” games) has become even more heated as Fujishima is now being sued by a cast off girlfriend for spurning her.

Cosplayer Nekomu Otogi previously announced the news of her engagement via Twitter, shocking her fans even further after she revealed that she was pregnant, despite the fact that Fujishima apparently already had a wife and child.

Even though Otogi claimed these allegations to be false, news sites have recently discovered that Fujishima was indeed married but had gotten a divorce back in 2014 – and that he was also in another long-term relationship with a different woman who was waiting for him to get the divorce.

However, seemingly overjoyed at the prospect of having a pretty young cosplayer as a bride, Fujishima continued his serial harem by dropping his latest piece whilst she was on a return flight from Tokyo, informing her via text that he took his things from their apartment and that he would not be returning – according to this ex-fiancee’s friend, a completely neutral and unbiased source to be sure.

Nine days after this happening, Otogi and Fujishima’s marriage was announced; when Fujishima was confronted by Shukan Josei Prime (a gossip site) on the street about this situation, he smartly dodged the issue told them to redirect their questions to his publisher Kodansha – who responded with “no comment.”

Kosuke Fujishima, for those unfamiliar:


The nameless homewrecker and ex-fiancee is now suing Fujishima for all the mental anguish he put her through, the experience of losing out in the battle to get her hooks into a millionaire mangaka to a younger and tighter model apparently being something she was ill-prepared to cope with herself.

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