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Nasu AR Tourism Project “Will Have A Nine-Tailed Fox!”


Tochigi prefecture’s Nasu town tourist association intends to raise awareness of the town by creating an augmented reality event, using the nine-tailed fox from Nasu’s old legend as a motif character to serve as the guide – and looks bound to lure in tons of Naruto fans in the process.

An anime character will be created based on the nine-tailed fox from Nasu’s “Kyuubi no Kitsune” legend, who will provide information for tourists who come to the town in 3 different languages via QR codes – the association has stated that the legend is well-known overseas and they are hoping to bring in some foreign tourists as well (potential overseas tourists will be informed by way of social media).

QR codes (taking the form of B5 sized seals) will be stuck onto guidance boards and the like at 9 sightseeing spots throughout the town, the cute character will then serve as a storyteller and deliver information on the tourist location’s traits and history in either Japanese, English or Chinese in a minute-long presentation.

Akira Himekawa (an artist duo known for their work on the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time manga) will be designing the foxy motif character; examples of their work:



The augmented reality event – which will be known as “Project 9B” – will be part of the JR group’s mass tourism plan (the “Destination Campaign”) and will commence in April 2018.

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