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SNK Character Contest Winner “Very PC”


Those believing that inferior fighting game King of Fighters needed more Arabic charm may be overjoyed to know that SNK’s recent character contest was won by a Saudi woman, with the unique character to soon be added to a current game, or possibly an upcoming one.

The winning character Najd who wears an “abaya” possessed by a demon, which can be called forth while fighting:




Some of the text on the images has thankfully been translated:

“The design of the “Abaya” makes her movement very easy. She wears a pair of modern design long leather gloves and boots to decrease damage, and the appearance of her skin while fighting.

She also wears “Hejab” (veil) on her head, but sometimes it falls down while fighting or making a strong move and she will put it back fast on her head after that. She also wears jewelry and a golden belt decorated with blue stones.”

It has not been specifically stated which game Najd will be added to, or if she will be in a new upcoming King of Fighters game.

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