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Ballroom e Youkoso Anime “May Have Original Ending”


An announcement from Ballroom e Youkoso‘s creator, Tomo Takeuchi, has revealed that the final arc appearing in the anime may have an original ending due to delays with the manga, certain to be a nice treat for those interested enough in an anime dedicated to dancing.

The message from Tomo Takeuchi that was in the latest chapter of the manga:


“I want to thank the cast and staff of the anime production for a wonderful creation.

It was planned to match the ending of the Metropolitan tournament with the manga chapter but, due to delays to the manga releases, this has become impossible.

While I won’t be in charge of the script, the anime production has heard my wishes.

From the start of the Metropolitan tournament, I will be part of the production and oversee it. There might be differences to how the story unfolds in the manga but please enjoy both versions.”

The vague message naturally has many wondering as to what will end up being different from the manga…

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