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Nutaku Mobile Games “Collect Hundreds of Girls!”


Nutaku-MononofuBattlePrincessofWhite Lily-1

Nutaku-MononofuBattlePrincessofWhite Lily-4

Nutaku’s still expanding selection of erotic games now span more genres and platforms than ever, now including many mobile games for those who must have their H-content on the go – the inclusion of co-op, PVP and leaderboards also allowing players to interact with their friends as opposed to playing with themselves only.

Kamihime Project R:





Kamihime Project R follows the standard formula of collecting tantalizing maidens for use in turn-based combat, with the experience surely enhanced with the inclusion of animated sex-scenes.

Harem Heroes:





Also inspired by the collecting of gorgeous women, Harem Heroes tasks players with building their own harem in a sex-filled world to have “sex battles” against evildoers and even other players.

Mononofu: Battle Princess of White Lily:

Nutaku-MononofuBattlePrincessofWhite Lily-1

Nutaku-MononofuBattlePrincessofWhite Lily-2

Nutaku-MononofuBattlePrincessofWhite Lily-3

Nutaku-MononofuBattlePrincessofWhite Lily-4

The Sengoku era has served as the setting for Mononofu: Battle Princess of White Lily, an enticing title where players gather battle princesses (based on real people) to fight and then use for sex, perfect for those with a fetish for gender-swapping.

All of these fabulous games are available via Nutaku now.

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