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JK Brunette Sues School For Forcing Her to Dye Hair Black


A schoolgirl is suing her school for forcing her to dye her hair black, despite being naturally auburn, the school having even doubled down on their imbecilic policy after she protested, actually telling her mother “at our school even a blonde foreign exchange student would have to dye their hair black.”

The 18-year-old girl (who has natural light brown hair) was constantly forced to dye her hair black at the behest of teachers at her Osaka high school, with some instances apparently not being good enough as teachers instructed her to then dye it every 4 days.

Upon enrollment, the girl’s mother informed the school that her daughter’s natural hair color is light brown and that they should take that into consideration; however, the school’s various teachers were insistent that her hair be dyed black as per school dress regulations.

Eventually submitting to the idea of dying her hair, she did so but began to experience painful scalp rashes, but teachers still insisted that she either “dye her hair black or quit school” – eventually (last September) the girl stopped coming to school altogether.

The school told her mother that everyone must follow the rules without exception, claiming that even “blonde-haired foreign exchange students” would have to dye their hair black, which the girl’s family for their part maintains is “tantamount to bullying”.

Now the girl is seeking to sue her school – Kaifukan High School of Habikino City in Osaka – for ¥2.2 million in damages, along with an apology; according to her lawyer, the girl’s name was even struck from the school’s register and her seat in the classroom was also removed, actions her lawyer describes as “an excessively cruel response.”

The school “cannot comment on pending litigation” whilst the Osaka city government is seeking the dismissal of the case.

Her case has aroused some sympathy online amongst Japanese:

“Fucking Osaka again…”

“Just how messed up is that school? What kind of a principal do they have?”

“As expected of Osaka. Apart from zainichi Koreans, forget about them respecting your rights.”

“Come on, at least give the exchange students a break!”

“Making blonde students dye their hair… what is wrong with these people.”

“Are there still schools like this around? Thought the story was from 30 years ago for a moment.”

“If an African was attending would they make them straighten their hair?”

“Totally messed up…”

“The fact they are still stuck thinking anyone with brown hair is a delinquent pretty much demonstrates what kind of old fools are running the school.”

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