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Blue Reflection Censored: “Upskirting Removed”




Gust RPG Blue Reflection has unsuspectingly been massacred by censorship in the west, with the game’s “model viewer” (a mode that allows players to dress up the characters and make them do actions) keeping perverted barbarians from seeing up the skirts of the pure and innocent schoolgirls.

The model viewer (which was available in Japan way before the western release but was not included in the western release) was recently added to the western version of the game, though many had quickly discovered that the mode was robbed of its “main purpose” – that being to allow players to look up the skirts of the RPG’s many maidens.

A video covering the issue:

This vile censorship apparently affects both the console and PC iterations of Blue Reflection; there has been no official word from Koei Tecmo on the matter – what some Steam users think of this censorship:

“Censorship? In a Gust game? Impossible…”

“Who cares really? Peek at their panties then what? There are still a lot of game-breaking bugs out there and you bitch about this?”

“People in the west need to stop being a snowflake.”

“Why can’t we move the model up or down? Is there anyway to patch in that type of support?”

“I paid a lot for the season pass before realising I cant tilt the camera up from under their dress.”

“I have the PS4 version and it’s the same. Hopefully it’ll be patched in later if the Japanese version didn’t get it till 1.05. Otherwise, no more pre-ordering KT games from me… ”

“And off my wishlist it goes.”

“I was going to buy this game too. Sad.”

“This game recently went on my radar, now it’s on my blacklist…”

“Complaning to KT doesn’t do anything. They will simply ignore it just like they done with Dead or Alive 5 that got an inferior port on PC. And a LOT of people complained about that one.”

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