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Steam Bans “Officially Linked” Decensor Patches


A post from visual novel developer Dharker Studio has revealed that Steam is now apparently barring developers from posting links to uncensored “R18” patches for their games, leaving developers and gamers alike to wonder what the real cause behind all this flip-flopping and double standards is.

The post made via the Steam forum for one of Dharker Studio’s games:


Uncensored patches are a constant hot topic since developers are forced to upload “family friendly” versions of their eroge and visual novels in order to get them onto Steam – but now Steam is disallowing developers from linking to the patches, fans will have a harder time playing the games the way they were meant to be played.

According to those looking into this event, this new “rule” apparently only applies to developers and not the users themselves, with Steam seemingly desperate to keep their platform “clean” – despite there already being numerous western games on Steam full of nudity (not to mention immensely graphic violence).

Comments online about this new “discovery”:

“Thanks Grandma Steam, for keeping all the adults safe. If only there were some kind of age gate on adult oriented games, requiring you to confirm your age before you view the page, every single time… oh wait…”

“I HIGHLY doubt steam/valve did this on their on accord. They were most likely pressured into it.”

“It’s almost like steam is a business and would like to continue to operate in other countries.”

“I feel like steam is just wanting to grow to be a global marketplace for software in general, that’s essentially what they’ve been building towards over the last few years.”

“Steam can apply their own morals to their store.”

“Seems a little rich to strap such a trite restriction on developers when Valve can’t be assed to take down developers that actively threaten steam users until they literally try to sue valve for PII on the users.”

“Why can we have gore and a Pegi 18 check, but not nudity and a Pegi 18 check? Steam should just allow everything.”

“This isn’t good news, but at least the games themselves are not being removed from the platform… yet.”

“This is such bullshit, not only is there hypocrisy in the fact that you can buy an ultra-violent game no problem, but god forbid you see a tit or include a h-scene.”

“All power to you if you want to play this kind of stuff but I don’t see how steam could just put an adult tab without then having to implement a stricter age verification system steam don’t like having to do extra work after all.”

“They’re probably just worried that they aren’t cashing in on the cost of the patches – since you have to purchase them separately.”

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