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Russian Woman Condemns Upskirts by Upping Skirt




One Russian woman determined to raise awareness on the evils of upskirt photography on trains has taken to showing off her underwear on the St. Petersburg subway for all to see – a “solution” that seems unlikely to ameliorate the problem, but does generate maximum attention for the girl’s social media profile.

The girl’s exhibitionist adventure, which many may treat as soft-core pornography:

The video’s description:

“This video is ‘dedicated’ to all who love to peek under skirts. On the behalf all women who became your victims – here, look! And stay away from us.”

The goal behind the video is to supposedly convince the Russian government to make the stealthy art of voyeurism a criminal offense – though not exhibitionism it would seem…

Comments online have naturally lambasted the girl’s effort:

“Good lass..! Nice bum!”

“Upskirting is obviously a good thing.”

“So somebody is supposedly looking up her skirt so she decides to go around flashing in public.
It’s like somebody is pinching £10 off you and you’re giving them an extra £20.”

“I do not agree with what she is doing, but dam that is one nice bum.”

“I do agree with what she is doing. I just wish more nice looking women would do this.”

“Nice bums she has! I’d love to see more of her.”

“Another attention seeker. Life must be pretty good if this is what she has to complain about.”

“That should teach those upskirters a lesson they’ll never forget.”

“She wants attention, that’s all. She’s not being noticed enough.”

“The real problem is women get dumber and dumber by the hour, has anyone tried to find out if this is an airborne disease, or caused by pollution or overuse of cell phones?”

“Protesting people looking at her panties by showing everyone her panties seems a bit retarded.”

“Notice how very few people even acknowledge her, that’s how you deal with immaturity.”

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