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Man Raids Game Center: “I Wanted The New KanColle Cards!”


An avid Kantai Collection fan has been arrested for hiding inside a game center after hours so he could get his hands on the new cards for the Kantai Collection arcade game – at least proving that not all fans have abandoned the franchise for Azur Lane yet after all.

According to police, the 29-year-old part-time worker from Kobe City’s Nada ward visited a game center in distant Tokyo’s Chuo city before midnight and hid inside the shop whilst the shutters were being closed; due to the vigilant security system, guards soon came running to his location and found him behind a game machine holding both a crowbar and screwdriver.

The suspect was discovered at around 02:30 and was promptly arrested for trespassing; admitting to the charges, the man revealed that he “wanted to obtain a new card that was inside the game machine” – the Kantai Collection arcade game being known for regularly providing players with new content.

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