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Chinese Contra Live Action Movie Announced


Another beloved video game will soon be given movie rape adaptation, this time with the rather unforgiving side-scrolling shooter Contra looking set to blast baddies on the big screen – though many will be surprised that the franchise is not getting the Hollywood treatment as it is being produced in China.

Konami are partnering up with Starlight Media to produce not only a live action movie but a live action TV series as well, but despite the bad reputation Hollywood has achieved for constantly producing poor anime and video game adaptations, China seemingly has no better a reputation.

The movie will take place in China (likely due to convenience and a low budget), meaning that the main characters will presumably end up being Chinese as well, making for a possible “yellow-wash” controversy to add insult to injury.

A brief teaser for the live action film:

An exact launch date has not been specified for either the movie or TV series.

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