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China Cleans Up Its Act “Shuts Down 40% Of Its Factories”


Perhaps finally realizing that something needs to be done about their awful pollution problems, China has reportedly begun shutting down its more hazardous smog-producing factories in an effort to get them to obey environmental regulations.

Putting an end to “tens of thousands” of factories, it is believed that about 40% of China’s factories have been forcibly shut down (at least temporarily) and inspected by environmental bureau officials, additionally resulting in over 80,000 of said factories being fined due to their emissions.

China’s unusually aggressive approach to ending this pollution problem has led to offenders being heavily fined or even jailed depending on the severity of their misdeeds, naturally also causing a massive disruption to production for China’s east coast that has caused some to move their supply chains elsewhere.

While a significantly cleaner environment will no doubt aid in extending the life expectancy of its people, there will no doubt be many illegal factories still attempting to make a buck, and any changes will have to persist for years if the blight is to actually recede.

China intends to reduce the “concentration of hazardous fine particulate matter” from 47 micrograms per cubic meter to 35 micrograms by 2035, a bold goal that may actually be met if such measures are kept up.

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  • Then re-start factories the next day.
    80,000 factories if on average hires 100 workers will be 8,000,000 people to loss jobs but no riot or anything then it just temporary shut down for 1 day.

  • Is it because of the environment, or is it after the paint chemical warehouse fire that exploded like ten MOABs that really got their attention that hey, maybe we should cut back on industry so we don’t kill ourselves?

  • What they’re doing is moving the factories, coalburning, and pollution to Africa and other developing areas. The real Chinese Green Revolution is just to export the non-Green stuff.

    It’s not that they want less total pollution, they just want less pollution at home, where it’s politically embarrassing.

    • So offshoring and Globalization 2.0? Actually it is 4.0 if you really knows what is going on. And you are not even right, just more fluff making assumptions based on offshoring and Globalization 1.0.

      What is being moved where? Why is it happening now? Don’t even know the baseline? When is the last time you or folks like you have been into a decade old factory? or tridecade one after 3.0? Or is that just something on the Tellie as they told you so? And you think only they are brainwashed.

    • At the very least give them credit for how gung-ho they are. If that was the US, it’d be bogged down with red tape and congressional hearings. china? I just imagine some government official walking into a factory and going “Shut your shit down.”

      • They real question though is can they pull it off without causing their economy to crash.
        Though the bubble it’s in is going to burst sooner or later anyway.
        The present president may end up vilified for the short term for causing a recession but they may be thankful for the change later on.

  • You have to give credit where credit is due. The irony is that because of China’s totalitarian political system they are able to enact abrupt changes to policy swiftly compared to most Western countries. Like all political systems there are good and bad attributes. In China’s case the bad attributes outweigh the good attributes.

      • They care more about the environment than many in the West without a Green Party, and unlike those in the West without a Green Party, they actually do something about it and has done so for decades, instead of denying it, shifting the blames, blamees, the excuses, or the goalpost. Oh wait, know what are Green Parties of the XYZ true freedom countries? or what is the Green Party? And no they are not remotely commie, unless someone is drinking too much faux for breakfast.

        Is that why there is no more EPA, or did someone have too many faux and friends for breakfast for decades?

        But but but my bla bla bla. Whatever, spent too much time on non anime-related shat and not enough on anime.

        “Commie”, is that like a trigger word? Is that why many nations with true freedom around the world have policies faux and trump deemed “commie”, when these nations leads the world indexes, including true “freedom”.

    • In western world it be debated for 2 years, and 10 millions spend on studies and survey to just to agree that they disagree with each other, by the time which another politician will be elected with a different approach and another 3 years debates, dispute, protest, estimate budget exceed which might finally get the plan started or cancel all together.

    • Yes, that is one of the benefits of Communism I suppose. They can just inmediately act and they don’t need lobbyists or big company’s support to get things done.

      In the West most democrats are being owned by big corporations to look out in their best interests.

        • @ 02:52

          Crony capitalism is what you have in the West now. At least with the current commies, most of their crony commie-captialists gets shot, ill gotten gains reinstated back, and have their family billed for the bullets.

          Unlike many crony captialsim now existing in the West, where the banks, the feds, or the State govs can unilaterally without warning, and only does that to the common hard working folks, especially around and since ’08.

          Besides, many of you are normie spoilt brats that don’t deserve to get taken seriously on any other anime sites.

          For example; there were only a few comments on Girls’ Last Tour, just like many anime related posts, and it is all “oh noes it is a nazi show”, or “oh yes it is my kind of nazi show”, or “don’t get triggered minority, trumpers will will not be replaced”.

          Not one mention of how that show can easily become censored or banned like a bunch of other similar anime in the West, not due to the non-existant nazi promotion, but because of a few seconds of bath scene. Sometimes, a Stahlhelm & a Mauser on a SdKfz 2, all without markings, a Stahlhelm & a Mauser on a SdKfz 2. Did you all notice the Brodie too? Or are you all busy being actually triggered for real, while claiming others are getting triggered.

          No one gave a shat when you are do the triggering all centuries long while fucking with others, now that you are the triggeree, you flip out. Even most of the talents who built you in the past, many of them minorities, gets ostracized and unacknowledged by your mainstream all lifelong.

          Most of the issues we are dealing with today, are the aftermath result after a century plus of your forebearers (except the greatest gen who had it worst) doing the actual deeds of putting us here. Endangered species, most became endangered because of sport hunting and blubber whaling. Environment, it was a okay when you were and still are doing most of the polluting per cap. Genocide, what? we forgot about it so it never happened. Crony capitalism plus state surveillance 3.0, but our freedom but but but think of the evil soviets russkies, oh we don’t have them as soviet strawmen anymore, so it is now daesh. (fuck isis, except the anime characters, but they hate daesh the name as they are more commonly known on the ground by folks who fights them, is that why the Western media keep on knowningly legitimating their name and their state?)

          Is that why you are so bad and selectively ignorant even on your own mainstream accepted national and cultural history? Nevermind the fact based hidden or alternative history. So you can make up shat the way you like it as you go along.

          The only thing you can say is at least no one suffered in your version of cultural revolution, everyone just forgot and make up shat too, without killing or persecuting anyone in the majority group.

        • Actually on paper China is a communist state and has the powers of a communist state hence this immediate crackdown on factories however like you say they are actually capitalists in all but name.

        • That’s not the key. The key is being a one party system. So, as long as that single party agrees with itself, it can get things done. They never need to fear losing the next elections. In democracies major revamps are slowed down by the politicians being afraid of making themselves and their party unemployed. Furthermore, the different party winning the next elections can cancel all the efforts.

    • “US has a retard in office”

      *Breathes in*


      US is actually starting to ramp up its economy, when Obama made the comment that the days of +3% GDP for the USA are long gone, well Trump made his ass look silly, we broke about 3.1% GDP in the 2nd Q, and stock market has been booming. Also, before you say “But that was Obama’s policies” I’m going to stop you and pull up a chart. When Trump was elected, everyone thought the stock market was going to drop because of his election. It did spike down once, but ever since November 9th, 2016,it has spiked up. 25% to be exact. Now, I’m not here to detract from Obama’s policies, his first 6 years were pretty damn good and he did indeed save our economy. However, don’t do a double standard with the economy, because if the data showed a spike AFTER Trump got elected, acclaimed magazines coining the term “Trump Trade” and also Obama proven dead wrong that we can achieve 3% GDP, then the data is pointing to the cause being Trump’s policies.

      Now I will say this, if you want the economy to -really- boom, you better cross your fingers and hope that tax plan passes, not only will it help -us- middle and lower class with a bunch of ways to pay less tax and doing away with certain taxes altogether, but if it fails to pass, then economists (Who have DECADES of gathering data and compiling possibilities) will be correct when they say the market will crash. Because if his tax plan doesn’t make it, the stock market will legitimately crash.

        • Lol, you got that right 13:00. Funny how Honorable Obama is an Kenyan, until we are talking about him and the crime fail of Chicago or the pampered oreo, but Prez Trump is not a foreigner too under the same shat justification.

          As for trickle down, usually only one thing trickle down, especially everytime with the breaks for the super rich, let us see if it will become the usual trickle down. But what would I know, I am just barely rich, not even just rich like some top sport or movie star.

          As for the stock market boom that had happened, oh please, if you know what is going on you would know. Super rich old money rallying from offshore due to confidence, and those under them following suit, and it is reflected from other Western markets, but I will say no more so I can hopefully make about 5% gain with zero risk.

          I will give Trump one thing, he is smart enough to privately listern in from some of the same types of successful foreigners and minorities who’s demographic he openly mocks, the same as other Presidents before him.