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Naruto Fan Fends Off Attacker With Headband




A man minding his own business on the subway train in New York was viciously slashed by a random assailant, leading the innocent man to defend himself with a Naruto headband he wore during his trip to Comic Con and causing some to speculate that the slasher might have had a distaste for the popular ninja series…

The 21-year-old victim was returning home from the New York Comic Con on October 8th via the subway when he was suddenly slashed at by another black man wielding a knife, so sudden was the incident that the 21-year-old was initially oblivious, stating “I look up and see it coming down from this side. I’m like, ‘yo, you slashed me in the face.'”

Claiming the knife-wielder was laughing at him, the man attempted to defend himself with the Naruto headband that was part of his cosplay costume: “I hit him in the face with what I had in my hand and he tried to slice me again”, the assailant then got off the subway at the next stop and fled in an unknown direction.



Grievously wounded, someone from the church that the victim frequently visits was at the station and had a towel to help him reduce the bleeding, with the wound apparently requiring 20 stitches to mend.

While this act of violence is no doubt a common occurrence in crime-laden cities like New York, the 21-year-old victim claims that he forgives his aggressor: “I forgive him. At the end of the day, things happen. I’m thankful to be alive” – with many suspecting the man’s religious affiliation to be the reason for this massive display of encuckedness.

Police are currently on the hunt for the slasher:


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