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Himouto Umaru-chan “Stole Otome Domain’s UI!”



The recently aired 3rd episode of Himouto Umaru-chan‘s 2nd season has attracted the attention of visual novel developer Palette Qualia (known for creating “Otome Domain”) due to it apparently “stealing” their eroge’s UI, with the concept of parody apparently being lost on the aggravated developer.

The UI from Otome Domain:



The visual novel scene from Himouto Umaru-chan’s 2nd season:



The official Twitter account for Palette Qualia released a tweet on the matter:


“A game UI screen has recently made an appearance in a currently airing anime work and we have received an inquiry that the game UI of our work “Otome Domain” bears an extreme resemblance to the one in the anime; currently, we are trying to verify the situation with the associated company and the matter is currently under investigation.”

Despite the grim circumstances, many are suspecting nothing to happen considering the series has been making numerous parodies ever since its first season…

Those online are naturally on both sides of the fence:

“Ehh, I see where they’re coming from, but I don’t think they’re in the right here. Pretty sure this is in the clear.”

“Its clearly a parody, I doubt they can do much about it since I would assume parodying something is legal in Japan.”

“The material is far too similar for this to be parody.”

“It seems Umaru is ruined now huh?”

“It’s a parody.”

“I thought I saw this somewhere before. As expected, this is plagiarism.”

“The person who stole this is evil!”

“It really does look similar.”

“It looks similar, or should I say, they’re identical!”

“Umaru-chan ripped it off. How sad.”

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