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Netflix “Will Produce 30 New Anime Projects”


Horrible news has arisen for the upstanding western fans who have actual respect for anime franchises, as Netflix has announced that they intend to increase their expenditure on producing original content next year to $8 billion – a large portion of which will go towards the creation of 30 new “original” anime shows (and 80 original films).

Netflix’s apparent goal in all this is to free themselves from the yoke of US mega cartels by possessing a library containing at least 50% original TV and film content by the end of 2018 – most of the new original anime shows and films they intend to produce are all also slated for release that year.

Chief Content Officer at Netflix, Ted Sarandos, confirmed the news regarding 30 new anime shows and 80 original films, with his willingness to divulge such important information being regarded by many as a sign that those genres are performing better than most would expect.

So, mortifyingly, more such gems as Neo Yokio and the Death Note film may be on the way, sure to have fans yearning for a return to the good old days when they only had to worry about Hollywood butchering their favorite franchises even as Funimation butchered their dubs.

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