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    • In gaming today some people said some bullshit like 30 fps feels more cinematic and 60 fps is only for elite but the reality is even in 90′ people was playing Quake 2 with Voodoo’s card at higher fps than 60 fps.

      Similar with anime/movie with original audio that made for the characters with subtitle of your choice are far more enjoyable than any dubs. Not to mention Japanese voice actors are objectively far better at voice acting than any countries could have done. Some normal people or fans even voice acting as hobby on NND while perform as good as professional.

      The very fact that Japan even have huge market of Drama CD, Voice Drama and the like is very good indicator. Currently just only on DLSite alone got 10,422 of Voice Drama selling while rest of the world don’t even have one.

      Sorry for not being a moron and having a standard.

      • Agree with 23:15. Also, people tend to forget that Japan has a lot of experience doing voice actings for all kinds of demographics.

        I see no problem if someone prefers dubbed instead of subbed, but the problem is that they are trying to pass the idea that who prefers subtitled, is just pretending to be cool or just pretending to know the language, and this is pretty annoying.

        The same people who shifted the meaning of weeaboo, are trying to create an idea that “true anime fan” don’t care about language. Good thing that Netflix is trying to enter the market, this way a lot of these people will leave, hopefully.

        • You got part of that right, subs are like wine or crafted, and dubs are like mass produced stale, both have their roles for a connoisseur alcoholic.

          The other part being half of these shat weeb “true anime fans” don’t even anime, unless you count shatpark, shat of the hill, R&M with some McD sauce, Shat falls, etc as “anime”, especially with the anime-ish episode, which they “technically” “are” or some shat. I only watched that shat when stuck in the middle of nowhere with really nothing on, not even pokemon or digimon or some other kiddy anime in dub.

        • I have the same feeling with you. Things are really getting very annoying.

          In my case I start watch anime and movie with dubs of my native language (not Japanese and English) since I was really small like 5 or something and when I was about 15 there’s a time a friend of my mother asked me:

          “Can you really put up with Hollywood movie with dubs? Why don’t you try it out with original audio with subtitle. I think its far more enjoyable.”

          Its stuck on me a little so I didn’t even answer to her at that time, mainly because I don’t know any better. But because her question then sometime later I was try to watch both anime and movie in original audio with English subtitle. Why English subtitle? Because it’s by far easier to find than my native language and I found out how much garbage dubs actually is and disgusted by it. A bit after that I also stop read and buy manga that translated into my language because I found out that most of the time the translation is not as good as English scanlation and I can download scanlation for free and its give me far better experience, the same with fansubs and undub.

          Not to mention my country really crazy with Buddhism and really push it as a pretext for everything. They censor everything that they think inappropriate. Panty, sometime swimsuit, cigarette, alcohol, sometime even male nipples, etc. In manga they put big SFX on top to cover the spot, in movie put mosaic but seems to okay with all sort of violent. It got the nickname as the country of hypocrisies by their own citizen.

          For me it’s really worth the effort switched from my native language to original audio with English subtitle. Not only I find everything is far more enjoyable. Honestly my languages are got far better by watching/reading/playing anime, movie, manga, novel, game, website, than all those years I spend in schools. Then I realized how bad education in my country is.

          As for English I can write fine. Listen to native English speakers fine. Read novel fine. Can understand English subtitle at a glance without trying to translate things in my head fine. And can speak with people just fine, not perfect, well honestly pretty bad grammar and broken English but good enough to communicate with people.

          As for Japanese I don’t have any basic. But I can pronounce fine without sounding weird like most of English speakers because my native language have rather extensive ways of pronouncing. I can understand some easy words because anime and game hence I can listen to Drama CD, Audio Drama, and the like, and understand to some extend about what they’re talking about. My speaking is bad with only some very easy words with super broken Japanese and sign language needed to communicate with Japanese people lol.

          I still have regret that I didn’t learn Japanese when I have time when I was a kid. But it’s too late for me now. I was tried a few times when I was in college and after that but didn’t have enough time to study properly and I was have a problem remember the characters and really discouraged by kanji but grammar is surprisingly easy to understand because its very similar with my language. Good thing that more and more stuffs got translate to English. Somehow it turned into super long comment. Thanks for reading.

      • I mostly agree, but also see no problem with dubs being available as an alternative the subbed version. You know, for those special ones out there who cannot watch and read at the same time.

        • Well, I actually don’t really mind dubs and I agree with what you said. There are some special cases like people with blindness or some other problems, in special case like that they don’t really have many choice but only as long as they understand what they getting into and don’t insult other people that have higher standard than they are.

          For example: 30 fps vs 60 fps, consoles vs PC, dubs vs original audio. It’s clearly what is objectively better in each case.

          What I’m have problem with is, as you can see some people seems to think that: “if you don’t like/hate dubs then you are !!”

          It’s about standard. Some people really have problem understanding with something really basic. If you have low standard or no standard at all doesn’t mean other people with higher standard than yours are elite, weeb, or whatever insults some people wanna called.