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First Ever Giant Robot Battle “Completely Scripted”




Announced over two years ago, the first ever giant robot battle pitting the US against Japan has finally taken place, certainly causing quite a bit of controversy as one side for some reason was allowed to use two mechas instead of one…

Suidobashi and their Kuratas (13 feet, 6.5 tons) was up against MegaBots and their Iron Glory Mark II (15 feet, 6 tons) – the long match:

Despite the battle ending in a tie with one win for each side, the event for some reason went another round and resulted in the US “winning”, naturally enraging many and causing some to theorize that the whole event may have been scripted due to the overly corny dialogue and “occurrences” (as indicated by the video’s immense number of dislikes).

Comments online:

“USA challenged Japan, and lost unceremoniously, as we saw in the first fight. USA immediately demanded a rematch, and by rematch they mean let us fight the same robot with a completely new one we designed to defeat yours after we get more funding, professional help, and more info on yours. Very American. Unsportsmanlike, and winning is all that matters. The Japanese took it very well and didn’t point out how unfair it was for them.”

“It was planned as a two fight event. Pretty much everything was agreed upon ahead of time. The second match was definitely unfair and calling the US ‘reigning champions’ is ridiculous, but the US team didn’t blindside the Japanese team like you seem to be suggesting.”

“The fake wrestling-style presenters and the over the top display of patriotism on the the US side ruined nearly everything.”

“It’s kind of like gundams with down syndrome.”

“12 tons against 6.5 tons robot? Come on, there should be a maximum weight rule or something. It’s like a heavyweight vs feather boxer.”

“Had a chance to make something really cool but ruined it with cheesy cinematography and bad acting.”

“This would be so much better if it was all remotely controlled. That way they could actually break the robots and do much more damage.”

“The whole thing seemed set up and scripted… What a bunch of crap. Why did mega bots get to use more than one bot? This is over dramatic and not really entertaining. Maybe in a few years.”

“Damn, this is really bad.”

“Weeeeell, as soon as they said Kuratas is going to fight both US bots I knew what was coming. Japan wins first one, then loses second one. So, the whole video felt incredibly scripted. That god awful commentary didn’t help either. Overall it was pretty cool, but it felt like both parties were a little ashamed how slow their bots would look and tried to cover that up by performing a wrestling match.”

“I’m not sure what people expected. This is usually how stuff goes. Especially considering that not only is this a new technology relative to other stuff but these aren’t exactly professional robot builders.”

“This was terrible, but you have to start from the bottom. 50 years from now, I bet you’ll being seeing some awesome robot battles.”

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