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China “World Leader in The Science of Faking”


Set on becoming a “global scientific and technology power” by 2049 (as proclaimed by president Xi Jinping), China has already seized world leadership in the demanding business of fabricating scientific research without having to actually go to the trouble of researching anything.

Possessing more laboratory scientists than any other country in addition to producing the most scientific articles (aside from the US), these impressive statistics have unfortunately been overshadowed by the fact that since 2012 China now has the most retracted scientific papers in the world due to faked peer reviews.

A scientific journal in April retracted 107 biology research papers, the largest amount denied by a single journal ever; most of them were written by Chinese scientists and it was discovered that most of them had received fake reviews.

Government investigations uncovered the existence of an online “black market” selling both positive peer reviews and entire fabricated research papers, with a simple search for “help publishing papers” on popular Chinese e-commerce site Taobao revealing a staggeringly long list of individuals who deal in such falsities (costing from a few hundred dollars to $10,000).

China’s scientists have blamed its overabundance of falsified papers on the “skewed incentives” they say exist within their academic system, with the quantity of published papers rather than their quality being considered the better guarantee for career advancement – made worse by the fact that there is seemingly no punishment for trying to cheat the system.

Physics professor Zhang Lei on the matter:

“In America, if you purposely falsify data, then your career in academia is over. But in China, the cost of cheating is very low. They won’t fire you. You might not get promoted immediately, but once people forget, then you might have a chance to move up.”

Investigations into the journal that retracted 107 articles, Tumor Biology, divulged that the authors of the submitted papers used names of real researchers for their peer reviews but used fake email addresses, allowing the authors (or the writers hired by them) to fake their identity to write approving reviews and hopefully get the piece published.

Despite such horrid news, experts say the academic environment is actually “improving”, with the introduction of new detection tools lowering their tendencies to plagiarism – in addition to Chinese researchers returning from overseas universities putting their newly learned “ethics” into practice.

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  • Chinese are corrupt cheats and frauds, with no capacity for creative thought.And no empathy for the suffering of other animals or even human children of their own country. People sometimes call them Insectoids, but I think even eusocial insects at least care for their young.

  • That term of faking news faking data faking science stories is called Academia. Fake news Fake reports Fake stories Fake measurements. all people of Academia are criminals, all are Fraudsters thats what Al Gore is a Academia person fake news fake stories fake reports.

    • You know, those science fakers mostly appear in biology, psychology, dubious relationships between stuff … and let me tell you a secret : biology, psychology and those things are third rate science, which is basically saying they ain’t, and are worth nothing besides improving your health with a bit better success rates (assuming they did the research correctly). Actually, even chemistry is borderline here. For comparison, second rate science is about predicting with reasonable accuracy what will happen (physics, engineering … and if they don’t have enough accuracy, most of the time they can do better), first rate is about universal truth (mathematics).

      Obviously it’s fucking easy for fraudsters to hide with practically-not-a-science-domain-but-we-call-it-science-cuz-its-cool, because you can’t really prove them wrong unless you painstakingly reproduce their dubious setups, and even then they might slander your methods and pretend you did it wrong. Physics is hard to fake unless you involve unobtainum. For mathematics anyone can check, now even computers can verify you didn’t mess up somewhere (they don’t automatically find new theorems yet, though), if you ever want to avoid shaming yourself in public.

      tl;dr please don’t shit on every people in academia, mathematicians are reliable.

      • And yet you’re here.
        Sure he overdid it a bit, but it is certain that many searches end up in nothing or take so long that they are replaced by others ..
        And how much of this research has humanitarian reasons?
        Sc, do not redirect link, any one comes here of free will, just as free to avoid !!

        • It is clear that you are advocating on your own .. (university student?)
          I did not understand your crazy analogy of living in a cave with bad research done ?!
          If a research ends in only academic financial prejudice, where there is profit, or scientific gain?
          I did not write that they all are, or I hated science, where did you read it ?!

          I love scifi and technology, tell this to green peace worshipers.
          You come Sc, offends of retarded who visits and still feels bad when it gets back ?!

          And military research never receives support and financial bonus from the government ..

        • If you have these research and academias so much, stop using the internet, computers or anything from the current daily habit of a first world country, because that all came from… yeah, the Academia. Hope you have fun living in a cave with a mortality rate of 30 years or less.

    • It really is though. Spend a good amount of hours after work checking out the liberal news sources and fact checking them with alternative sources for accuracy. True their is bias going on in both sides of politics but the amount of information purposely twisted (or hidden) by liberal news sources now is quite dangerous. Regardless of your political affiliation you should always look for the truth (regardless of how inconvenient it may be).

  • “In America, if you purposely falsify data, then your career in academia is over.”

    If this was actually true, there wouldn’t be enough professors in American social sciences departments to have departments. But as long as you say politically correct things, you can spew as much bullshit as you want.

    • Most social sciences are a fucking joke to the Academia, dude. The only reason it gets attention is because it’s trendy and hip to be an SJW, but as soon as you try one of those social sciences that involve a lot of contemporary research, you’re fucked. Also, none of that has anything to do with falsifying research based on actual fucking science. If you go and get a fucking women’s study or women’s sciences degree, you’re never going to fucking get anywhere in life outside of the low tier buds and SJW’s willing to give you a job or as a shill in some corporation and hope you get a raise. Real fucking science in the US laughs at that shit.

    • >people downvoted this and ran without bothering to explain themselves

      Which part of this is false? Or is it just the handful of social justice fags that show up on every fucking article mad that their academic circlejerk is getting called out for its lack of credible scientific practices? Even the STEM fields aren’t completely immune to this. “Publish or perish” is a very real thing in the West, and there have been instances of fake scientific papers created through a Markov generator that got accepted to major journals. Chinese academia having a fraud problem doesn’t change the fact that Western academia is in no position to criticize them for it, especially where the humanities are concerned.

    • With all of China’s new found space tech and innovation, they still cant prevent the fall of the Tiangong1, which will pretty much black eye their entire program if the debris fall on an urban area.

      Also, Just because Japan isent on the list, doesn’t mean they aren’t innovative…

      Have you even looked at China’s companies that are listed? Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, etc. Ant Financial which is just an alibaba subsidiary… Sure they’re smart, but most of those companies focus on Web/AI/Mobile tech.

      I welcome innovation in those areas as much as the next guy, but those companies will not help humanity move forward… things like spaceX, biomedical, and clean energy companies have a far greater impact than those who just make software and electronics…

      and to answer your final statement, being a communist only helps you so much. If china is so mighty and innovative, why are so many people still in poverty? Why is China still the largest producer of dirty energy and pollution? etc etc.

      Im not a fanboy of any country, its fundamentally flawed to produce an argument, let alone an insult that hinges on a 1-dimentional source. Your argument basically equates to, My family is better than yours because we drive a BMW, while you drive a Honda.

      • Chinks can’t do controlled crash, only some non-Russian or non-German can.

        Lmao, as if Murican got to space 1st, got a space station 1st, have or had a station all by themselves ever.

        The only thing US and UK managed to do is blame the Russian when something goes wrong, when they are in the Russian station, and made a book and TV show about it on the discovery & history channel, aka, now the fake science and propaganda channel. So sad too, both channels and similar channels like NatGeo were the good shats, now they are just shats. Sad.

      • Tiangong 1 wasn’t even supposed to stay in space for longer than a couple month. Instead, it remained there for 2 years until the fuel runs out. I would say this is pretty good. The US had more malfunctioning satellites and spaceships that plunged back to earth before their prescribed used by date. And the 2nd Space Station is already in orbit, followed by the 3rd one soon.

        Why don’t you take a look at China’s Moon-probe Chang’e 2 instead? It was supposed to only orbitGhe moon, but now it is exploring astroids in deep space and beyond.

        Seriously, you weebs are pathetic. China has surpassed Japan in length in almost all categories and Trumpland as well. But go on, hang on your stale old memes about Chinaequality if it helps you sleep at night.

        Btw. AI and neuronal networks are technologies that help humanity. SpaceX is overhypee scam, in comparison. Reusable rockets might be great, but if the payload is shit, it won’t help space exploration. Only a SLS class rocket will help. And since the SLS is delayed yet again because Trumpland can’t into science investments, the Chinese Long March 9 will be humanity’s hope for foreseeable time.

        Sucks to be you to feel jealousy toward Commies. I, for one, have seen this development long ago and welcome the Chinese century.

    • That satellite meant literally nothing to anyone with an understanding of science. They might as well have spent millions of dollars to prove that fire is hot and water is wet. It was a publicity stunt intended to impress the uneducated masses.

      • Show me your qualifications if you dare to argue against the most renowned scientists in that field in both Austria (Europe, a Western Country FYI) and China. What this satellite has proven is nothing short of tremendous: Spooky action in a distance at extreme ranges and in space, as well as quantum key distribution.

        I suggest you go back fapping to your loli porn, you degenerate low IQ subhuman.

        Also, do you have any way to explain away why Japan has ZERO (0, nada, null) innovative companies, while China, always accused of being uncreative, has SEVEN?

        That link wasnt a Chinese or communist website – it’s by the MIT. So watch your tongue and think before you talk.

        • In other exploding China news, China have been delivering exploding packages in exploding drones, shopped on exploding street ads with exploding barcodes and paying by exploding phones, way before you get the exploding news of drone pizza delivery to a location near you, so many of them chinks in a number of lesser cities don’t have to ride their exploding e-bikes powered by exploding renewable sources like they have been doing for at least a decade, just to get an exploding parcel.

          You want to know why the new Russkies or the new chinks don’t care no more? Including those who know or cared about Gulag, Tiananmen, and all those shat events. Because they see through your fake news as nothing but hypocrisy. Where actual promoters of fake news and fake knowledge actually accuses and projects others of doing what they have been doing.

          Now they have legit reasons to do the same thing they have been dealing with for decades, through little fault of their own. And unlike the rest of the “free” world, many of us actually and truly free, you voted for your new low. After how Wikileak, Snowden, Panama, and a long string of events are dealt with, you now only have your shiny white high horse. It is now 2017, not 1987, or 1947 with the Great gen.

        • You talk as if you went to MIT, or knew someone who did. One of my classmates went there, while the rest of us went to lesser “elite” schools in the same league, or similar league for the poor, yet still with a faculty of a few Nobel Prize recipients.

          She is pretty “liberal”, or in your words “commie”, than many of us.

          We had actual reasons to hate the commies in Soviet, China, & NK; as well as wanting to shat in the coffins of the past head commies. Guess where most of them are now? Especially gradually after 2008, many as US born or bred, or 2nd or 3rd+ gen “foreign minorities”.

          Btw, most of those recipients are foreign minorities too, under the new definitions, until you need them not to be again.