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Nissin Milk Seafood Noodle – “Internet is Happy”


Nissin Foods has revealed on its Twitter account the painstaking effort that one designer went through to create the promotional illustration for the 10th anniversary of the company’s “Milk Seafood Noodles”, their sufferings making for a more interesting product than the ghastly ramen itself.

The tweet that unveiled the ludicrous promotional image:


Pardon us for the picture being amended so many times. At last the boss gave the OK! The 10 year anniversary of Milk Seafood Noodle has been given a cheesy sensation plus has become rich in flavor. Everyone purchase some okay?

The followup tweet that showed all the problems with the illustration’s first form however has accrued even more attention with over 153,000 retweets and 253,000 likes in two days:





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