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Grape-kun × Hululu Artist Tribute Donated to Tobu Zoo


Kemono Friends concept designer Yoshizaki Mine gifted Tobu Zoo with his latest illustration, a tribute to the passing of beloved penguin Grape-kun that many had apparently mistaken as being present in the penguin exhibit as a cutout.

Tobu Zoo showed off the illustration via Twitter:



“Yoshizaki-sensei, thank you so very much for the lovely drawing.”

However, one certain Tweet had managed to accrue over 71,000 retweets and 117,000 likes after it posted an image depicting the illustration as a cutout at the penguin exhibit; this turned out to merely be a Photoshopped image:


Despite the blatant attention-whoring, many may no doubt agree that the illustration should be a cutout at the exhibit in honor of the poor penguin…

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