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Florida Burglar: “Naruto Was Teaching Me To Be A Ninja!”


A Target store burglar told police that he was learning “how to be a ninja” and “how to enter secure areas” with the aid of the highly popular Naruto manga, once again demonstrating the evil influences of Naruto.

The 25-year-old Florida man was apprehended by Georgia police after triggering an alarm by forcibly opening the rear door of a Target store at 1AM, and after being summoned by the alarm company officers found him only a block away from the crime scene.

When questioned by police, the man used the Naruto manga as an excuse for his attempted pilfering, claiming that he was learning how to become a ninja and enter secure areas – police however found nothing on his person that was stolen from the store, only books, DVDs and other miscellaneous items assumed to have been previously purchased legally.

Despite not having actually stolen anything, the novice ninja was charged with first-degree burglary – he has yet to be granted a bond hearing.

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