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Feminist Denounces Imouto Sae Ireba Ii: “Siscon = Rape!”


The first episode of Imouto Sae Ireba Ii has unsurprisingly been throwing viewers for a loop, though some individuals have been using the episode’s utterly bizarre first few minutes as a means to denounce otaku and their wicked fetishes.

One particular feminist who ecoriated the first episode at length used the anime’s odd intro as an excuse to label sister-loving otaku as disgusting rapists (even if most would probably never sully themselves with real women):

“Hey? Hey, y’know little sister (imouto) fetish anime? The ones about dudes (who have never had a sister) who wish they could make sweet, statutory rape to a young girl who’s dependent on them, never questions them, and provides for their every want? This is one of those.”

As might be expected of a feminist shrike devoid of a sense of humor and with an axe to grind against the “deplorably immoral” sister-loving fetish, the author goes on to decry the protagonist as being “a 20-year-old with a publishing contract who’s still wasting his time on completely unethical fetish porn”.

So “grotesque” was the introduction (even if clearly poking fun at the imouto fetish) that it prompted a further screed:

“The majority of the fetish material is actually front-loaded into that repugnant minute-and-a-half, while the rest of the episode involves a scintillating dinner party between Itsuki and his fellow writers.

They’re all under 25 with multiple print publications and they whine about how hard it is to be full-time authors. I hate them. This also proves to be an opportunity for the show to tell us what women who aren’t little sisters are like! What’s even the point, right?

Seriously, what is the point? You know the APA did a study on the damaging psychological effects of sexualizing young girls more than ten years ago? Oreimo hadn’t even poisoned the well yet.

Anyway, they play a long word game that’s primarily an excuse to save on animation. They blew most of their time and money on the inter-dimensional panties, you see.

Also, they all look twelve, because even when the show includes adult women it wants to infantalize them.

P.S. Nominally calling the protagonist a freak/pervert doesn’t matter if you play out his sexually suggestive fetishes with the aim of arousing a very specific audience. Your series still reads like an aspirational guidebook for incestuous rapists, and it sucks.”

Many online have been quick to write off the series due to its outlandish introduction, assuming that it revolves solely around incest – comments online regarding the anime’s first episode:

“People are too dumb to realize that the entire show is not like the opening part of the episode.”

“Yeah, I started the first episode not expecting much, but this actually looks like it might be the anime I enjoy most this season. A 7+ or 8/10 for me now.”

“Idk I personally thought the episode was really well done. The show’s humor kinda reminds me of Seitokai Yakuindomo. I’m looking forward to the next episode.”

“Funny enough, I found the opening 2 minutes to be stupid enough to be entertaining. The rest was full of utterly boring uncharismatic dialogue.”

“People make judgements too early. Ratings and reviews don’t mean jack until after episode 4 or 5. That’s a good rule to live by. Some series just take a few episodes to get going. Steins;Gate is a great example of that.”

“Seriously that made me feel sick while laughing at the same time.”

“Oh! Onii-chan Oki-Ki!! Ah! These words are a gem to the ear!”

“Just a few seconds in and I couldn’t take it anymore, but I managed to finish the episode. I’m not yet sure if I like it or not but I am curious as to what will happen in the future.”

“This anime is more disturbing than Berserk lmao.”

“Y’now what? I don’t like incest, but I’m going to watch this anime! XD”

“Ooooh Ero-Manga Sensei season 2 is here…. wait what?”

“It’s kinda sad that people are dropping this just because of the first minute. It was a joke guys, watch the rest of the episode before jumping to conclusions about this anime.”

“The start just reeks of autism.”

“First 60 secs were a normie barrier.”

“I was initially confused about the eggs thing and then the pay-off was great later when it turns out she indeed lays eggs.”

“This is all part of the long term strategy to utterly destroy normie culture and replace it with this genius.”

“We’ve found it, boys. We’ve found the AOTY.”

“Spat out my drink on that one, if Nayuta is always this savage I’m fully on board.”

“I enjoyed that way more than I thought I would. Have I crossed the weeb degeneracy event horizon?”

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