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Pokemon Fire Red Unreal Engine Remake “DMCA Incoming”




Yet another Pokemon-related fan game has been revealed to be in production, this time a remake for the reputed Pokemon Fire Red is being produced using the ever impressive Unreal Engine 4 – allowing for a fun new take on the classic as well as raising a red flag for Nintendo, who will likely deal the fan project a takedown.

Fans of the original however may be a bit turned off by the remake since it has exchanged the turn-based battles for real time combat – a PV of the game in action:

A demo is available for the project now.

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  • Just recently Valve give permission people to make and sell stuffs relate to their IPs, giving support for mods relate to their IPs and even let people sell it on their store, allow people to stream and more. While shitty company like Nintendo still living in the past and not allow any of that.

    People should learn from history and stop giving any attention and money to Nintendo.

    • While Nintendo is striking down any form of content from their IP’s, they are the only ones making affordable and high quality products that you don’t see from any of the other consoles.

    • Nintendo only has its diehard fanbase that will keep buying the same shit again and again.

      If it’s available anywhere else they wont buy their consoles that are always outdated pieces of shit.

      “Pokemon/mario/zelda, come buy our garbage consoles, we’ll make an upgraded version 2 years down the road for you to buy again because fuck you, you’re retarded and you’ll buy it.



    • Because they don’t give a shit about their IP. A further proof that Valve wants nothing to do with making games.

      Also, not spending money on Nintendo is as retarded as you can get. Unless other companies can deliver experiences better than them, there’s no argument. (Also, GameFreak and the Pokémon company is in charge of enforcing IP)

      Personally, as long as Nintendo keep making good games, I don’t give a fuck if they squash smaller devs infringing on others’ IP.

      If the devs want to make a good Pokémon-like game, why not make their own IP instead of sucking dicks?

      • “not spending money on Nintendo is as retarded as you can get.”

        Voting with your wallet is dumb?
        Wow, Nintendo fanboi sure is retarded.

        Personally, as long as Nintendo keep making kids’ games and milking their IPs to dead and idiot like you still buying their shits. I don’t give a fuck if they still living or dead.

        It’s not Valve not give a shit about their IPs but because they give a shit, because their IPs can make money and they know it. Just try looking how many mods that related to their IPs and how many money those games generated and how many people became their fans and how many became Steam users. Retard like Nintendo and you probably don’t have any brain cell to think any of that.

        Still making game or not at least Valve not some stupid shit living in the past that try to sue everyone like Nintendo did. Fun fact:

        Nintendo is 128 years old company but now lost to a new player like Valve/Steam which is just 14 years old and now Steam have peak at least at 16 million users per month and already became the biggest game online store in the world.

        The same way with Tesla is just 14 years old and now dominating in car industry because all the big players still living in the past. One of the biggest player like BMW is 101 years old by the way.

        • 16:43 11/10/2017

          pretty dumb comparison. currently tesla only have 4 cars. roadster, model s, model x, model 3. how many toyota have? about 140 models not include all the minor models. also tesla is high performance luxery car and not cheap that is why there are not many tesla on the road yet but for what you get at that price it is very good.

          in term of technology and features tesla just so far a head of toyota. not only just toyota but everyone else. tesla come out and can use autopilot in highway before everyone while everyone else still developing autopilot.

        • @16:43

          Of course Toyota gonna have more cars on the planet than Tesla because Toyota is 80 years company duh. Who would have guess huh? Tesla is just 14 years old and Tesla just finish Gigafactory 1 just recently and they planned to build 5 of them to ramp up their productions. But in just 14 years they’re now got called the most innovative car company. Their cars also very high performance and its specs rival supercars but in just fragment of the price and Tesla also the first car company in the history that got all the 5/5 safety rating. While all the car companies never come close.

          At the moment Steam have about 18,000+ games. Of course people gonna play other games too, duh. In last September Dota 2 got 829,555 users, TF2 got 73,411 users, CSGO got 665,371 users. Only just 3 games alone got 821,737 users.

          Nintendo got head start 114 years. How many users on Nintendo ALL games and ALL platforms last month? LOL.

  • Honestly they should have waited until they finished, and then release it non-profit.
    If it turned out better than anything Nintendo di for 3D Pokemon games, then they have a tough tun to crack.

    On the other hand, Nintendo is doing themselves a foot-shot, I would hire those people instead of taking down their work.

  • When will they learn… if you’re working on something like this, you’re better off keeping quiet until you’re done, distribute it and then get DMCA’d. That way, it’s already out in the wild in a completed form and Nintendo can’t take it down, ever.

    • Yeah but what if you are working on it and decide you are tired of working on it but still want to be applauded? You do exactly this and blame evil Nintendo for stopping you instead of your own laziness

      • Part of it is that having nintendo DMCA you is a form of getting recognition of being a good enough dev that you have your fan game copyright claimed because some think it owuld risk the brand. But I do agree that devs that are actually serious about releasing projects like these should have it near completed or complete for distribution.

    • The graphics look terrible. Unless you mean the lighting (standard in UE4) and the models (ripped from official pokemon games). The way it’s put together and any additions beyond that, i.e. his own work, is total fucking shit.

      • This.

        Anything that isn’t ripped straight from the game is either a generic asset, or some ugly UI element. Everything he was required to create from scratch, be it the code, the UI, or the mechanics, are fucked.

  • Pokemon sucks. Everybody knows digimon is better. Pokemon is about enslaving things while digimon is all about freedom. Plus the biggest reason is digimon could blow shit up and shoot missiles and pokemon are weak. Then the pokemon all looks like giant overgrown rats/snakes/weasels and digimon has a variety of things that include human looking digimon with tits and ass.

  • Anything not already done by the engine is a bug ridden pile of crap (he should make caterpies riot for all it’s worth), the motion blur makes me want to puke, it doesn’t look like a real-time battle (just stay there and spam your attack wow), nobody understands his language, and he stole the models anyway.

    The funniest thing is all the youtube comments praising him for being good when he actually did nothing else than wiring together a few things.