Chinese Kantai Collection knock-off Azur Lane has seemingly gained quite a lot of traction as the game has quickly climbed up the iPhone rankings, possibly proving that the “stolen idea” has more worth than some initially realized.

The ranking for the iPhone’s “top game sales”, possibly alluding to the most in-game purchases considering a lot of these titles are free-to-play:


As shown, the game had nearly reached the same level of popularity as Fate/Grand Order, but began to drop further and further days later – presumably once people found out the game’s thieving origins…

Despite this, artists have been eagerly sketching up illustrations of the game’s luscious ship girls:
















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    Comment by Anonymous
    02:29 11/10/2017 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    Considering the combat is completely different... It's another collection game, sure, but not a KC clone at all.

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    Comment by No Name
    23:18 10/10/2017 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    Emiya Shirou was right. Sometimes the kickoff can surpass the original.

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    Comment by No Name
    Comment by Anonymous
    20:55 11/10/2017 # ! Neutral (0)

    The younger generations in China must not feel any antipathy toward Japan anymore if they are willing to present Imperial Japanese Navy ships as cute, sexy girls.

    Comment by Anonymous
    18:42 11/10/2017 # ! Neutral (0)

    In the end it doesn't matter whether it's a copy or not. What matters is if the girls are cute.

    Comment by Anonymous
    02:21 12/10/2017 # ! Neutral (0)

    youre joking, but its true. its not about whos first, its about who does it best.

    Comment by Anonymous
    18:30 12/10/2017 # ! Neutral (0)

    I don't get why people are comparing both games when one keeps its playerbase by game design and another expands their playerbase through fanservice

    Azur Lane isn't a clone, it just took the idea of ship girls and decided to cater to a market that responds positively to fanservice

    Comment by Anonymous
    14:47 11/10/2017 # ! Neutral (0)

    Kantai sux regardless.

    Comment by Anonymous
    03:47 11/10/2017 # ! Neutral (0)

    Inb4 Fortnite and PUBG all over again, with the same mistakes.

    Comment by Anonymous
    01:24 11/10/2017 # ! Neutral (0)

    Cue butthurt KC fans crying about how Azur is a knockoff of their aging game

    Comment by Anonymous
    17:14 11/10/2017 # ! Neutral (0)

    Butthurt? No, not really.

    Aging game that has new content every month, sure, sounds like it's worth crying about.

    Sounds like you're the butthurt one.

    Comment by Anonymous
    06:23 11/10/2017 # ! Neutral (0)

    KC will never make it to the top of the apps list... cause it doesn't have one. That's what's hurting them the most.

    Comment by Anonymous
    01:22 13/10/2017 # ! Neutral (0)

    KC has KC android, so it has an app.
    Being the only difference that you need to register in PC

    Comment by Anonymous
    05:59 15/10/2017 # ! Neutral (0)

    It's also not on google play, so it can never appear on rankings; you have to manually download and install the dmm app to play it. It's also just a packaged version of the kc flash game, so performance isn't that great.

    Comment by Anonymous
    04:28 11/10/2017 # ! Neutral (0)

    I wish one of these types of games would be offered in English to North American users.

    Yes, I know with some of them there are English versions but only if you fake being in Japan and set up some form of Japan-recognized payment, blah blah blah. I don't care *that* much, I won't jump through hoops. Yes, I suppose I'm a filthy casual or whatever non-hardcore unuber-gamers are called these days, but if you don't make it easy to give you money then you don't get it. Oh well, I guess we're all scum over on this benighted continent of white devils.

    Comment by Anonymous
    06:01 15/10/2017 # ! Neutral (0)

    Playing kantai collection actually isn't bad; you just need to connect via vpn and change your timezone to register for it, and after that you can go back to normal and install a chrome extension to play easily without needing anything else crazy.

    Comment by Anonymous
    05:13 11/10/2017 # ! Neutral (0)

    So there's the American Clone and A Chinese clone.. What else?

    Comment by Anonymous
    14:28 11/10/2017 # ! Neutral (0)

    Maybe if Kancolle actually had an app they'd do well.

    Comment by Anonymous
    17:13 11/10/2017 # ! Neutral (0)

    They do, it's just not that easy to get into it

    Comment by Anonymous
    18:21 11/10/2017 # ! Neutral (0)

    KC has an android ap, but not iphone.

    I dunno the appeal of the game, make a schmup and then stick sum cat ears on and still call it a botegril...k cool. At least its better then all the other "copies" in that it isn't anything like kc

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