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  • If a show have a nerd/otaku/neet male mc then it is called selfinsert beta looser in a wishful thinking fantasy, now an even worse girl is put as mc in her wishful thinking fantasy and people go “interesting” “great show” “good story”, as usual being a bunch of double standard hypocritical fucks.

  • This pisses me off honestly, it’s a show about being worthless and instead of improving their lifestyle they go about being more fucking worthless. Living off others because you know they are worthless sacks of shit. I love otaku culture if it’s maintained responsibly but most of the time it’s not.

  • Seems interesting. But as an aside, I can’t be the only one who thinks that internet games (and honestly games in general) lately are getting so grindy and repetitive (to the point where some don’t even try to hide the fact that most of what you’re doing is busywork) that they’re actually less fun than REAL work, and are incredibly easy to quit. Right?

    Especially “F2P” and mobile games, where you pay money to get things faster and then you run out of things to do because most of the gameplay was about grinding to get those things you just paid to get, so now you’ve paid to not play (and probably quit) the game.

    Or worse, games that make you grind so hard, you quit them and work extra hours or take a second job to actually have fun.

    • Mobile “games” aren’t games (Unless you’re talking about stuff like the Chrono Trigger re-release on Android). They are just a free application you install that contains a ministore to spend money on. The mechanics themselves are made to make sure you keep playing and are usually pretty goddamn thin.

      Free MMOs are garbage as well, meant for 12-year old kids who can’t afford regular games. Haven’t really played those and not interested in them. Subscription-based MMOs, ESPECIALLY in the mid-2000s, were actually a good thing, believe it or not – the paywalls kept the trolls, kids and disgusting foreigners out (or offered them local alternatives) and the updates were paid for by your subscription. Eve Online and WoW are good examples of this. Wildstar tried it as well, but it was either too late to the party or the mixed sci-fi/fantasy-theme turned people off.

      I’m sticking to lesser known titles myself, since AAA is garbage and MMOs are too time-consuming when you have a job.

    • That’s why I don’t understand how these are appealing. I love collecting stuff in games, but at the same time I’m not some twit who thinks pressing “BUY NOW” is the point of a game.

      I recall a day when games used to reward me for every action I took, not punished me for it if didn’t spend 2 dollars prior to said action.

      I guess shopping really has replaced video games.

      • You folks need to try out more games outside of your niche, also have some self control.

        Have not paid P2W or P2NP like since forever. There are a ton of very nice true F2P or Cheap 2p out there, many with anime game design, or anime character mods. They are also actual games, and not something like the average shat mobile or browser games.

    • Personally, by working early, smart, hard, and dirty on occasions, without getting in the way of education, live and saving up very frugally, to have the money, to invest wisely, to have a legal passive income stream.

      Have no other vices or negative liabilities outside of otaku laifu, think 1st part of Kaiji 2, gratification now or later? Treat your F you money wisely. Have a few tradable skills.

      I had no parent money to buy my collection, no breakfast, sometimes lunch, nor money for neither most of the time. No birthdays, Christmas, New Years, or any of that most of the time. Instead of mommy mommy boxing up the collections, some of them were thrown away or voluntary gifted away. Would even get abused by all for getting A- or representing the class. Could go on with that shat.

      That laptop shooting dad shot his own laptop, gifted to the daughter, with a mag of .45, just hoped he took out the HD first. He did not abuse the daughter. Unless you pays for the mortgages, rents, bills, taxes, and upkeeps; you make no rules, only privileges to make guide lines.

      • P.S. Female “adult” adult otaku or fujoshi, with similar interests, beliefs, abilities, etc; where are they in real life?

        And “normies” on here, F off with your assumptions. Do you even know most, or any couples in real life? Among other things, I know plenty of average and “power couples” intimately, so I know the ones that work, and the ones that seems to work for now. Your life is your life, go on get wasted with your clubs, booze, ‘n shat; we don’t need to know how you are F up, or going to F up.

        • 事故物件 are dirt cheap for a reason, but they are not as dirt cheap as one would hope. If you buy one of these, better not book it as an investment, rather a write down or a write off. Especially in places where they have legal obligations and public access to openly declear these things. Good luck trying to resell these properties in the near or late future. You might have a shat chance in the distant future.

          However, if the method of construction is solid, and you are truly a true hard ass who have no problem going at things alone for extended periods of time, and sleeping near corpes or in the cemetery, as a part of your job, you should feel right at home, especially if you can moe up the place, and knows how to deal or make peace with the other side.

        • its possible yes,if you don’t live near any of the main cities which kinda works against you because jobs out of the main cities are very slim.

          Or you can test your luck with a 事故物件 (black property)apartment which can be dirt cheap.