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Cruel Mother Trashes Daughter’s Love Live Goods



The woes of one distraught JK have been heard around the internet as the girl has been stripped of all her precious Love Live goods by her evil mother, with the items presumably being tossed out and leaving both her and hundreds online in a state of devastation.

The girl’s (she apparently has a fondness for Sakurauchi Riko) initial disheartening tweet, would be followers wishing to see her follow-up Tweets themselves will have to wait for the poor girl to collect herself and accept their invites before doing so:

“I was tired from having a fever and did not do anything. Then my mother threw away all my Love Live things from my room. Riko-chan, where did you go? What was wrong with me? My Riko-chan and my Aqours, return them. Return my cherished things – I will never forgive my mother. I’ll curse her.









Naturally some believe the incident may have merely been a stunt to acquire followers on Twitter, moreso after the girl found her goods unharmed in a cardboard box:


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  • Its a pretty modest collection. Would make me wonder what the situation was like for her mother to do this. There is usually a reason for that we don’t know with a few pictures.

    Though, her collection is pretty modest so I could only wonder why.

  • Seeing this makes me love my mom.
    She actually bought me a black rock shooter figuring for roughly 60 bucks. It’s obviously bootleg but the fact she bought me one unlike these… monsters, makes me appreciate how understanding she is. Well… she does love hello kitty and collect her merch so we different

  • So… Who paid for all that stuff?
    If the girl actually went and got a job to be able to afford to buy that crap, her mom has no rights to throw it out, even if it’s in “her house”.
    I hate how some parents seems to think just because the house is theirs, that somehow make it so everything in it is theirs as well.
    The room they “lent” to their kids is legally owned by the kid until that “lease” is rescinded(when they get kicked out/leave), as such, when a parent does anything within the room of their kid, it’s shouldn’t be considered as part of their house but as a “private room”, thus essentially illegal for any parent to throw out anything in it.

    Unless, the parent also bought that stuff, in which case, it’s also on a “lease” to the kid and can be rescinded at any moment. But that can also just be called bad parenting.

  • Don’t know too much of what happened but that’s not “TRASHING” if none of them are destroyed. If that was my mom and she was trashing my stuff, they won’t just be in a cardboard box, they’d be in the “trash” with most things missing or broken.Posters would be ripped into pieces and figurines irreparably damaged.

    Maybe it was just a warning?

  • Bravo! Good parenting. This is what a parent should do as discipline. That girl is obviously hysterical for completely trying to ruin her own parents reputation over something so minor, only to find all of the missing stuff. That child needs her phone that took those photos taken away from her for a set duration or until she cleans up her act and the internet taken away from her for that kind of stun.

  • Ugh, parents threw away my child porn collection in the 90s. Never finished scanning it… I did fail 2 classes though and had to go to summer school, but my sister was killed that spring by a savage Negro beast so I thought later it was understandable.

  • If it’s importance. I won’t place it on desk like that. I’ll put it on shelf. Maybe her mother think the same as me. You should put something more suit for education on desk like pencil, dictionary, book & etc.

    She still lucky that her mother won’t just throw it out.

    Now I’ve to increase more shelf for my hobby.

  • Time to use that desk to focus on the schoolwork it is supposed to be for! JK if I remember correctly is high school so probably she is failing classes and mother is doing an appropriate intervention.

  • Can of makes you a bad parent to destroyer your own daughter’s stuff, I get if she hid them away somewhere but actually destroying them? That’s like choking your toddler for sensual pleasure..

  • Ahh, fond memories of my own childhood passions. My step-mom was okay with me having pokemon and yu-gi-oh cards but when I got into Duel Masters and she saw the cards from my first starter deck (can’t remember the name, sorry), she saw a ‘Wandering Brain-Eater’ and became convince that all TCGs from Japan were ‘the Devil’ (I shit you not) and so she trashed them all, hole punching them into swiss cheese beforehand.

    • uhm… the broken doll, and the discoloration on it tell a different story. that’s one vengefull mother.

      however, i doubt it’s the full story. if she’s devoting more time to that stuff than actual studies, especially in japan, things get hairy fast.

    • I think it’s 1 or 2 insecure butthurt kids playing with votes and recommenting. Looks like the parents won in these cases if it ticks the children off that much.

      I found the shooting the laptop as punishment more controversial but Sankaku are master baiters as usual and picking at kids feeling for views. The more comments this article gets, the more the parents have won it seems.

      • Seems like the parents won if it pisses the children off this much. Lets bump this thread to 100+ to prove how devastating this is too them.

        I wanna watch these kids log in and out of a ton of accounts and waste time on voting. They’re thinking “That’ll teach them!” and feel better about themselves somehow. Honestly, I’d rather watch a parent shoot a laptop instead and tell the kid to pay for the bullets. Now at least that is controversial and entertaining to watch.

        **Reposted, last post not showing**

  • That reminds me of a story of mine that happened when I had a girlfriend and made her very angry. As a revenge she went into my room, tore all the magazines, cut my clothes into pieces, broke the computer, broke the television, broke the stereo, broke the CDs, left the cabinet in tatters and scrawled the walls of the room. Woman knows very well to be cruel but as always things could be worse.

    • Louis CK:
      “Here’s the difference, to me, between boys and girls: Boys fuck things up; Girls are fucked up. That’s the difference. Boys just do damage to your house that you can measure in dollars, like a hurricane. Girls, like, leave scars in your psyche that you find later, like a genocide or an atrocity… That’s the difference between boys and girls. And it becomes the difference between men and women, really. A man will, like, steal your car or burn your house down or beat the shit out of you, but a woman will ruin your fuckin’ life. Do you see the difference? Like, a man will cut your arm off and throw it in a river, but he’ll leave you as a human being intact. He won’t fuck with who you are. Women are nonviolent, but they will shit inside of your heart.”

    • It is the mother’s responsibility to be a parent first and a friend second. You can’t always do just what feels good and makes you popular.

      When the girl is out on her own and paying her own bills she can do what she likes. Until then she has to do what mom says.

      And I will bet mom in this case had good reason to do this. You don’t know the back story but it has all the marks of her daughter becoming a NEET/otaku/hikkimori or whatever and not anyone who has a future.

      • Is also the parents job to teach their kids how to solve conflicts in civil manner. Trowing away kid’s things because you don’t like them is a childish way to “solve the problem”. She should had talked to her and let her have her merch as long she earn them by having good grades, working for them (if possible do Japanese laws) or at the very least be a helpful member of the family/society. And while it is trued that some times you have to be the bad guy forcing your kid to agreed whit you is just going to make them hate you and hide things from you.

        People that don’t have the patience to be a parent but don’t what to be alone should just get a pet instead.

  • Don’t know enough about the situation. But if the stuff was trashed just because the mother doesn’t like her daughters interests, that’s pretty shitty of her. Maybe she thinks it’s a bad influence or some shit I guess, but who knows.

  • If it’s true, the mother is stupid fucking bitch, and I hope the girl leave her as soon as possible and never visit her again, ever, leaving her to die alone and forgotten.

    Don’t fuck with people’s passions, even if you think it’s stupid and useless.

    If it’s a hoax, meh, the girl is the bitch in this case.

    • …this just shows the value of reading articles to the end. As it was revealed that all the stuff was just carefully placed in a box. All mama did in this case was clean off a desk full of carefully-displayed anime stuff and put it away. Probably because mama thought that desk would be better used for, well, schoolwork.

      With any luck, that girl will have a shelf or two installed where she can display her stuff.

    • My religious parents threw a lot of my stuff when I was young. They even threw away and ripped up a copy of Full Metal Panic manga that I had received from a friend that I was never to see again. My mother also broke my copy of Final Fantasy Tactics because she said I was rude to a guest. That was the only game I cared about because it was given to me by the same childhood friend. I didn’t even care about the game, as I had another copy that I actually used for playtime. Parents can be cruel sometimes. Punish your kids, but don’t destroy their things, especially if they are things that mean something to them. I’m almost 30 and I still feel very sad when I think about it.

      • A few months back I saw a young (25yo? 27yo?) mother with a kid that was obviously under 10yo – more like 6 (idk – I am bad at guessing the ages of kids).

        They were on the same bus as me and the kid was acting as you’d expect from a kid – playing around and being kinda annoying.

        The point of this story however is how the mother acted.
        She started to try and make the kid to behave by… Insulting it and calling the kid stupid.

        Then – when this didn’t work out – she started to threaten to destroy the kid’s toys.
        Obviously the 6yo reacted like every 6yo would and started crying – creating even bigger uproar.

        Who’s the real CHILD in this situation?
        Threatening to destroy kid’s toys is a form of mental abuse and proves that the woman is not mature enough to have kids if the 2nd thing she thinks of is to resort to such threats (1st being apparently “insult the kid so it realizes it’s doing something wrong”).

      • By the sound of it, I’d tell it was less of disciplining, and more of taking out their stress on you.
        But hey..who am I to judge. Just another 30’s hailing from abnormal family.

        Cheers mate

    • There’s a lot that isn’t being said, so it’s silly for us to jump to conclusions. And for you to say her mother is a “stupid fucking bitch” is reprehensible. Was she being abused? Was she provided with food, shelter and clothing? This is what a parent is supposed to provide. A parent is not required to support or even respect their children’s hobbies. And, realistically, anything within the confines of her house/apartment are hers, not her daughter’s.

      Is her mother insensitive? Absolutely. But there’s no evidence to call her anything worse.

      Also, remember this is Japan, not the US, Canada or the UK. Japanese children are treated considerably different and have vastly different expectations placed upon them.

      In other words, don’t be a jackass.

      • Yeah, I was exaggerating a bit of course, but I agree that you need to repay your parents in some way, since they provided you with food and shelter for many years.

        By this I mean you just can help them with food or some basic needs, but if they’ve been shitty to you, you can also be shitty to them – throw their stuff out, never say “I love you”, constantly remind them of all the bad things they’ve done to you, e.t.c. The point is to make them regret, this is what important for me.

        But don’t leave them to die, of course, sorry about that.

        • I support Riiku on this one. It doesn’t really looked that bad and it seemed to be only a warning of sort since she got them back anyway.

          Even the figurine can be fixed easily and the posters are safely tucked away.

      • “Don’t be a jackass” Ironic… That’s what you are being.

        “Anything within the confines of her house are her’s, not her daughter’s” Incorrect. If someone lets you stay at a house, and you receive mail there then you are considered a tenant. You have a right to come, and go from that place until an eviction. Perhaps its different in Japan, and this is what you are implying but as far as I know the belongings of someone are to the one who ACTUALLY owns them.

        • Well, shouldn’t your parents at least attempt to make you feel safe? Throwing away your stuff or things you are passionate about as a teen or child will only make you fear them and/or hate them. And that’s the place you should be calling “home”. This is one of the many things that causes trust and control issues when the person becomes an adult.

        • um no – children which is what she is aka a high school student do not have the rights you list. As long as she is being supported by her parents her parents have rights to set expectations. Now if she wants to get a job and support herself then things are different.

    • They are both wrong in this case.

      The girl clearly has an obsessive attachment to her hobby which is naturally unhealthy.

      The Mother, if she did do this, behaved incredibly immature, she should have talked about this and at least ask her daughter to hide the things instead of throwing them out herself, for most kids, something like this can be quite traumatic, especially in Japan.

      Stupid behavior on both of them.

      If it’s fake, then all the same, pure stupidity to gain more views. It’ll come out sooner or later.

    • The day I lost my mother was the most devastating day of my life. The next three days were just as bad as I dealt with all the final arrangements.

      The night of the third day, I had a dream. In this dream, I remembered all the fucking bullshit she put me through my entire life. Or rather, the last 20 years after her own parents passed away because she refused to accept their deaths, which had been due to slow illness. When I awoke on the fourth day, I was no longer sad about her passing, and felt relieved that I no longer had to put up with her hysterical bullshit.

      When this mother gets older, she will be reminded of the day she broke her child’s heart. And on that day she will realize the horrible mistake she made, as that daughter will have never forgotten…and will not be there for her.

    • easy to say when you probably werent beaten within an inch of your life.

      Coming from someone who hates mother and father i turned out fine. Have a job ive been at for 10 years never been unemployed and just got another pay raise and am going for a master tech position. I still dont regret my hatred. THEY didnt help me do a fucking thing in MY LIFE.

      Oh yeah anime fans are sooooo bad never sucsessful. right i drive a 40k subaru WRX STI, have two cars, and oh yeah i have a tv stand with a bunch of anime stuff on it. I also have band pictures and posters up on my walls through out the house. yeah im REALLY gonna miss them when ive spoken to them maybe once every 3 4 years.

      But people are missing the fact the parent only wanted to scare the child so i would call that good parenting with incentive. none of the stuff was hurt. more than i can say about things of mine back then.

  • These loser kids all butthurt and relating to how “bad” their parents are even though this generation has it like the easiest out of the history of all of humanity.

    Shit, in my day, you’d get your ass whooped and you’d have to take that shit and learn not to fuck up. Kids now get a scolding and entertainment taken away and they cry to the world how bad their lives are. Go jump off a bridge then bitches. Weak generation with only a few strong nowadays.

    Also, that collection is like what? $100 of garbage that her parents worked to buy? Bitch plz. Tell me when they steal shit that she busted her ass off to pay for and maybe I’ll give a fk. Spoiled brats.