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Live AV Actress Stage Farting “Couldn’t Be Any Stranger”


Fart fetishists will no doubt be overjoyed to know that a special live action event will soon be taking place, one that will involve three seductive AV actresses farting to the best of their ability in front of an audience, upholding Japan’s influence in international hentai circles.

The gassy display, fittingly titled “Let’s All Hear Beautiful Girls Fart Together”, has recruited the bowels of Aihara Reno, Akemi Miu and Iroha Meru, AV actresses who have previously taken part in such gas-based antics on Paradise TV’s “The Fart Program” – though they were apparently inexperienced in the rare art of on-demand flatulence.

The AV actresses whose careers have likely reached a whole new low:




Flatulence of various varieties have been promised, of which will “stimulate one’s sense of sight and smell” (according to the organizers), with the girls dressing in an abundance of different outfits.

The event’s organizers have made it clear that they intend to satisfy Japan’s “120 million fart fans” (it has not been determined how they arrived at this statistic) and that the women will perform “to the limit of their intestines”, but have also warned that it may be impossible for the girls to deliver depending on their physical condition.

Some may perhaps be concerned over the prospect of “accidents”, though such an occurrence may only prove to be an even greater treat for a select group who may be in attendance – the event will take place at the Lefkada Theater in Tokyo on October 21st.


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