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“Verminous” Love Live Otaku Chided


A video capturing one of the bizarre rituals of the so-called “Love Livers” (otaku of the Love Live franchise) has been rapidly gaining notoriety online, revealing them dancing in a circle whilst listening to one of the franchise’s songs – an act described to be an “evil influence on society”.

The tweet has mustered over 13,000 retweets and likes in 3 days:


“Please look at this, Love Livers are increasingly becoming an evil influence to society, they’re vermin.”

The “harmful” video:

Internet dwellers seem to mostly agree with this perspective:

“Disgusting otaku.”

“The war between Tatsuki believers and Love Livers begins.”

“Love Live is unparalleled.”

“Disgusting pigs. They’re past their prime and yet they are a burden- that’s the worst.”

“I don’t understand how they want to make such noise.”

“Wow looks like fun! (Even so, Love Livers are a harmful group)”

“Far below virgins.”

“Shame of Japan.”

“That was rather normal.”

“Shut up otaku and just drop your money.”

“This is awful.”

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