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Tokyo 2020 Olympics Singer: “Keep AKB & Johnny’s Out”


With legendary singer Namie Amuro having announced her retirement, Japanese are engaged in heated debate as to who should be singing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, with popular sentiment desperate to keep AKB’s identikit roster and Johnny Kitagawa‘s personal homo-harem out.

Namie Amuro was seen as a favorite for the event by many Japanese fans, with news of her retirement still sewing chaos throughout otaku circles, though other parts of the internet are in just as much of an uproar when it comes to determining who the singer/band will be for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Naturally many are expecting one of the top artists in Japan to be chosen for the role; Shiina Ringo, who provided music for the closing ceremony at the Rio Olympics, was one popular choice – Utada Hikaru, who recently resumed work in 2016, was yet another amongst numerous suggestions.

Those online however have been suggesting more than just these two suitable artists:

“Shiina Ringo or Utada Hikaru will be acceptable.”

“If it’s the case of those two, then I’m in agreement.”

“No anison either, please…”

“For heaven’s sake, at least not Johnny’s or AKB.”

“I bet there will be difficulty singing the national anthem. In addition, imagining the wild enthusiasm had by Johnny’s otaku and the like would be dreadful.”

“EXILE is too good.”

“Yasushi Akimoto [AKB48] and Johnny Kitagawa also, quietly withdraw please.”

“Akimoto is pals with Abe. If Abe is still in, expect his girls to be in too…”

“SMAP’s revival flag has been raised, right?”

“In regard to the summer festival, Kuwata Keisuke and Southern (Southern All Stars) would make a proper match.”

“I wonder if B’z will be chosen?”

“Sachiko Kobayashi will make the world dumbfounded!”

“It seems Japan’s Enka is good. It is Hikawa Kiyoshi’s turn to receive an opportunity to sing.”

“I think Saori Yuki would be good right?”

“Everyone, have you forgotten about Piko Tarou?”

“Singing is not particularly necessary.”

“The Olympics isn’t either…”

“Come on guys – it’s got to be Hatsune Miku!”

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