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Splatoon 2 Europe Splatfest “Toilet Tier Creativity”


Disappointment has spread across the internet over the newly announced European Splatfest event for Splatoon 2, bringing up the ancient discussion of whether toilet paper should go over or under – a toilet tier topic seemingly irrelevant to Splatoon and possibly indicating that Nintendo is running out of ideas.

The Twitter announcement:


Naturally, the announcement has already gotten players fiercely debating, in addition to lambasting Nintendo to demonstrate their dissatisfaction:

“I… I’m sorry? Why would it matter? I haven’t even thought of direction with toilet paper.”

“This Splatfest event has really gone down the toilet.”

“So this is what our critical thinking of this game has come to.”

“For some people this is Halloween themed.”

“If back roll wins I’m not playing splatoon anymore.”

“They’re just trying to be controversial!”

“Anyone who chooses a back roll is not only wrong, but also to be disregarded as a savage.”

“Is this a sex joke, or was someone at Nintendo genuinely stumped on splatfest ideas?”

“I really don’t want to participate in this one, like seriously this is the worst splatfest idea I’ve ever seen.”

“Next up: Wiping standing up or sitting down?”

“Seriously, this is an absolutely terrible idea.”

“Well I thought this was fake because it looked stupid. I was wrong.”

“Anyone who votes Back Roll is to never talk to me or my family ever again.”

“What sort of psychopath folds toilet paper the “back roll” way?”

“This is not ultimate its just a simple question seriously this is disappointing.”

“What the fuck Nintendo.”

“Someone needs to be fucking fired. This shit is just plain stupid.”

“Front roll you maniacs!”

“You’re pitting the sensible people against the mentally challenged with this one.”

“Im praying Nintendo America doesn’t pick anything as stupid as this. The answer is obvious and anyone who says otherwise is a madman.”

“It depends on the dispenser. For some of them, either direction works, but when it’s inserted incorrectly, the tissues become very difficult to tear and a lot of paper is wasted as the people using them struggle to use them. The rolls are behind lock and key so the user can’t do anything to fix it themselves. In environments that don’t have a generous budget for toiletries, this is unacceptable. There’s no rule of thumb for them and every environment is different, so it’s important not to get it wrong.”

The Splatfest will take place on the weekend of October 7th, news has yet to surface for the U.S. and Japan Splatfests.

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