Tokyo Game Show Androids Astound: “Are They Real!?”




The “most lifelike androids the internet has ever seen” have served as a hot topic for debate even a week after they debuted at Tokyo Game Show 2017, many have been aggressively sharing their opinions on whether or not the breath-taking creations were props or merely just humans promoting a product at a video game event.

The baffling automatons were dressed as the androids from upcoming PS4 game “Detroit: Become Human” and have secured vast amounts of publicity for the title online:

A handful of the comments discussing whether or not they were props or humans:

“It’s a robot. She turns her head too far when turning her head, it’s not breathing. The arm movements are too robotic. Besides it doesn’t have breasts and is too thin to be real. It’s a robot.”

“They’re not robots, they’re real. Saw one swallow in another clip.”

“Real people/actors, not robots. The clue is in the blue plastic thing stuck on the side of the face at the temple. If you’ve taken the trouble to produce something so lifelike you would not stick a blue plastic thing on the face.”

“I’m scared now.”

“Someone go grab her boobs and see if she reacts, lol.”

“If this were human you would be able see the stomach and neck moving as humans inhale and exhale, our stomach and necks move.”

“If this is a man-made android, why didn’t they make her breasts larger? She’s flatter than a sheet of paper.”

“Why should the robot blink?”

“If this was the real deal, this is not the time or place to present something that groundbreaking. Besides, if this is a robot, why doesn’t anyone that created it come out and share some info on it?”

“This is how you know people are getting dumber. What thinking person believes this to be an android?”

“Sorry to burst your bubbles but this is really a robot.”

“This is not a robot idiots you can tell by the texture and subsurface scattering of the skin.”

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