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50% of Men: Tattooed Women “Undateable”


50% of Japanese men consider women with tattoos completely worthless as dating partners, whilst 90% of Japanese with tattoos regret ever putting needle to flesh, according to the latest survey to delve into the depths of loathing Japanese bear towards inked-up degenerates.

Conducted over the Internet by Tokyo Isea Clinic, the survey in question gathered the opinions of 350 men and women in their twenties, thirties and forties, all living in Japan.

When participants were asked if they would ever get a tattoo, an unsurprising 81.4% stated that the thought never crossed their mind – when questioned why, responses of “I don’t understand the significance of getting one” and “it has the demerit of lasting forever” were the most common.

15.4% of people said they had thought about getting one but ultimately decided not to and only 3.1% of those questioned have ever had one at all – most of which were women (5.1% vs 1.1% of their respective sexes).

In regards to what participants think of those with tattoos, 44% believed they were “scary” and had an anti-societal image, 29.4% thought they were embarrassing or a sign of youthful indiscretion, 26.9% said they thought they would impede their day to day life, and 26.3% regarded them as unpleasant – only a mere 3.4% found such walking freak-shows attractive.

When participants were asked if they would ever date an inked individual, a whopping 74.9% said it would never happen (and for 33.1% of women and 50.9% of men it was “out of the question”), with more than half of the men regarding such markings as a desecration of the fabulous female form.

56.5% of the people who refuse relationships with tatted out freaks listed being unable to introduce them to their parents as a major negative, 46.9% thought them scary and possessed of an anti-social image, and 35.1% simply found the tattooed look an eyesore.

Some of the main reason for getting them in the first place included such gems as “just because” (72.3%), “thought it looked cool” (67.7%) and “because a celebrity had them” (35.5%).

Of those Japanese brave, impulsive, stupid or criminal enough to have tattoos, 90.9% “regretted” the decision.

Online opinions amongst Japanese are no less harsh:

“If you think tattoos look cool you’re already a fucking tool.”

“There’s nothing more pitiful than a single mother or a woman with a tattoo.”

“Both are despair inducing for sure.”

“Even porn stars don’t have them, or if they do it is covered under a cm of foundation. No man would want such a woman.”

“I get a bit limp when I see one of those girls down the brothel myself.”

“A girl like that can’t even work in a cheap shop.”

“Even in America, however much a big-shot millionaire you are, you can’t move amongst the elite with a tattoo.”

“Bullshit, half their elites have them… even doctors and lawyers. Some of the western royals and leaders even.”

“It’s the opposite in the US – 77% don’t regret them, half of the younger generations have them.”

“I would’t even associate with someone with tattoos!”

“I blame One Piece. Nami looks dope.”

“Globalism. Like some fearful religion.”

“Lately all the soccer players are covered in them – they look like teams of yakuza. Disgusting.”

“People saying it’s OK because Americans do it – would you let someone clump around your house without taking their dirty shoes off, because, y’know, it’s normal in America?”

“What’s with calling them ‘tattoos’? If you are Japanese, it’s ‘irezumi’! Don’t be coming into a temple’s grounds with that shit on your body, yo!”

“If she was a hottie with a tattoo I bet you’d still be OK with dating her – liars, the lot of you! But the ugly bitches with tattoos can fuck off and die, of course.”

“I guess a woman with a tattoo is either a slut or some yakuza wife, so fair enough.”

“Those foreign cockroaches who go on about tattoos need to shut their mouths. This is Japan.”

“Only criminals have had them here for hundreds of years. Overseas they see things differently. If you still think they are cool, get one. Just don’t complain about nobody here accepting it.”

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