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Kemono Friends Seiyuu Grovel For Kadokawa


Fans of Kemono Friends are convinced that the recent talk show live stream that featured the show’s numerous seiyuu apologizing for the controversial firing incident was staged by Kadokawa, believed to be a rather lazy attempt to rectify the catastrophe by shoving some pretty seiyuu in the faces of easily pacified otaku morons.

A NicoNico Douga video depicting the show’s seiyuu indirectly delivering Kadokawa’s apology:

Perturbed fans believe Kadokawa forced the seiyuu to apologize on behalf of Tatsuki and studio Yaoyorozu (the animation studio that has since resigned from the project), as some of the girls are relatively new to the industry and if they were to take any line other than Kadokawa’s, it would likely prevent them from ever getting voice work again.

The phrase “声優の盾” (seiyuu shield) had also begun to trend on Twitter as a result of the incident, though fans were unsurprisingly quick to accuse Twitter of defending Kadokawa after the tag vanished off the notoriously heavily censored trending page:



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