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Drug User’s Not Guilty Plea: “I Drank My Girlfriend’s Urine”


A man arrested for drug use after failing a urine test whose defense that he merely “drank the urine of a girl I was dating who was using” initially resulted in a verdict of innocence has been handed a 4 year sentence, after the judge quashed the appeal on the basis that “it was not realistic” to think he could have drunk the tens of liters of piss required to test positive himself.

The Urakawa branch of the Sapporo District Court handled the 35-year-old male civil engineer’s first trial, where he was accused of using an illegal substance and causing bodily harm, finding him innocent after he protested that he merely drank the drug-laced urine of a girl he was seeing.

Prosecutors appealed the acquittal, and the new judge agreed with their contention that the man would have had to have drunk dozens of liters of a user’s urine to test positive himself, commenting that “the defendant’s contention that he tested positive due to his urine drinking is an objective impossibility.”

As a result, the man was sentenced to four years.

Opinions online seem to label him as either an idiot or lucky to be drinking his girlfriend’s urine:

“As expected, the district court really is strange.”

“This judge really knows, eh?”

“He ended up getting exposed to the shame of confessing to drinking urine.”

“Idiotic urine-drinking criminal.”

“What a stupid guy.”

“Should we try drinking a little and see?”

“I am genuinely envious.”

“By the way, would a drug-addict who became addicted to drinking urine feel good from it?”

“I want to drink it too.”

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