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One-Punch Man “Now Handled by J.C. Staff”


While information concerning the air date for the 2nd season of superhero series One-Punch Man has yet to surface, one particular announcement has been causing a bit of a stir – with the news being that Madhouse has handed the reigns over to J.C. Staff.

The quality of the art and animation of One-Punch Man’s first season was regarded to be one of its finest attributes (in contrast to the original manga), but now that a new animation studio is in charge, many can’t help but feel skeptical of J.C. Staff’s ability – even though the studio has been responsible for some decently animated shows such as Danmachi, To Aru Majutsu no Index and Zero no Tsukaima (granted they haven’t animated an action-heavy series in months).

Chikara Sakurai (who directed the “Naruto: Shippuuden – Blood Prison” movie) will be serving as the new director for One-Punch Man’s 2nd season, causing many to hope that the poor animation from a certain Naruto episode won’t end up resurfacing…

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