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Sonic Forces × Hooters


In a rather unexpected turn of events, breast-based “restaurant” Hooters will be forming a collaboration with the next upcoming Sonic game, “Sonic Forces“, a most befuddling decision considering the franchise mostly caters to children…

The news was delivered by way of Tokyo Game Show 2017:



While the series may be geared toward younger players, none will deny that a great deal of adults also play the games (if the plentiful supply of R18 fan-art were any indication), so perhaps the collaboration may prove more effective than most would anticipate – and could even be the “advancement” that the series needs

Slated to begin sometime in October, restaurants located in Akasaka, Ginza and Shibuya West will apparently be decorated for the occasion – not much else has been revealed as to what else the collaboration will offer and there has been no mention of whether the west will get the chance to experience this amazing opportunity either.

Those eager to check out Sonic Forces can look forward to its launch on November 7th for the PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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