Senran Kagura Producer “Xbox One & PC Ports Possible”


Senran Kagura Producer Kenichiro Takaki stated in a recent interview that he would like more games from the Senran Kagura series to appear on the Xbox One and PC, with such a possibility bound to be great news for PC modders itching to make the sexy shinobi completely nude.

Takaki has mentioned that the Xbox One’s popularity is almost non-existent in Japan, but since the franchise has started to gain significant notoriety worldwide, he believes the platform might be a worthwhile endeavor.

Releasing more games onto PC via Steam has become a desire as well; when asked if Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash would receive a PC port, Takaki stated that it is something that he wishes could happen but the development team at the moment is not very large – so such a task would be too demanding.

Another potential concern has been whether or not Microsoft would be lenient with the franchise’s incredibly lewd content – the producer has not had the time to discuss the matter with them however so there is still hope for the few individuals who somehow thought the Xbox One would be a worthy purchase.

Master race fans no doubt are most excited about potential PC versions simply for the ability to produce mods, which will surely extend the lifetime of the seductive games…

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