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Tomb Raider Movie AA Travesty: “Lara is Flat!”




The trailer for yet another new live action Tomb Raider movie has been attracting attention in more ways than one, with hordes of fans calling Alicia Vikander unfit to play the main role of Lara Croft due to her gloriously flat chest.

Known for causing many controversies in her starting days, Lara Croft has always been known by fans to have gargantuan breasts – this lack of breasts however has apparently ruined the movie for some (despite the fact that movie adaptations of video games are usually awful).

Just how ruined is clear:


The seemingly faithful trailer:

This isn’t the first time that the impending movie has been criticized; the release of its official poster enraged fans due to it looking like a poor Photoshop job, likening Vikander’s neck to that of a giraffe:


Fans were quick to post a fixed version, in addition to their own interpretations:




Some however believe that the movie may have potential as it did at least make the effort to give Lara her exact outfit and weapons from the game, with the game’s antagonists also making an appearance as well.

Vikander herself, though flat, is also not the most unattractive of casting choices:


The Tomb Raider film will arrive in theaters on March 16th.

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