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Oculus Rift Founder Cosplays Rem – Talks Adult VR



Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey has spiced up what might have been a drab interview by dressing in a bikini and wearing a wig of Re:Zero’s highly worshiped Rem (accompanied by a woman wearing a wig of non-Rem), with his wily antics sure to serve as the life goals of those wishing to come into a fortune as large as his.

The Tokyo event, disturbingly called the “AVRS HentaiVR Pool Party with Palmer”, involved the discussion of VR in adult entertainment and the future of the industry – the entire interview can be watched online (for those who can stomach looking at a man in a bikini for over an hour).

Luckey’s cosplay stunt was not so shocking considering the man has previously stated that he wants to fund an anime for Re:Zero’s Rem-centric side-story.

Luckey will also appear at the HTC Vive stage show at Tokyo Game Show 2017, though many are surely hoping that his attendance will not involve another bikini.

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