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Pepe’s Creator DMCAs Alt-Right Sites

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“Pepe the Frog” creator Matt Furie has finally been sufficiently triggered by the online Trumpenreich to attempt to end it all by DMCAing the online right into oblivion, his previous attempts to end his unwanted success by penning anti-Trump strips and then killing off Pepe having both been such dismal failures that they only further emboldened online frog cultists everywhere.

Various “alt-right” personalities as well as both Amazon and Reddit were dealt Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown requests, telling them that use of Pepe is copyright infringement.

The DMCA being couched in American law and still subject to Constitutional guarantees of free speech means that any of his numberless anonymous foes can likely claim fair use of the character by way of parody and satire, meaning only the most spineless or dense of his targets are likely to succumb – winnowing out the population of shitlord meme-meisters until only the most aggressively defiant are left.

Instead, many are now wondering where the artist got the idea that legal threats would work on the wider Internet – and who would be bankrolling him if any of these cases were taken to court.

Many naturally started sketching up Nazi-themed/controversial Pepe images in response to Furie’s actions, additionally labeling some with his name and a copyright symbol so as to ensure his clear and unchallenged ownership of the character was not in any dispute:









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Rare-Pepe (3)

Considering some alt-right individuals have used Pepe for the cover of a book and as a character in a smartphone game, Furie could potentially have power in taking such items down (and has caused some to be removed already) – even so, some of those who have received legal threats from Furie have stated that they intend to fight back.

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