Hidden Nintendo Switch Emulator “A Tribute to Iwata”



A secret has been discovered to be laying dormant within the fast-selling Nintendo Switch, revealed to be an emulator containing the old Nintendo game “Golf” – though perhaps the more shocking revelation may be the fact that users must imitate Satoru Iwata’s notable hand gesture in order to gain access to it.

Curious individuals fishing through the console’s pre-loaded software code happened upon a file named “FLOG” (“Golf” backwards, for slower individuals), causing many to become hopeful as Nintendo might soon begin distributing NES games on the Switch – even though most are already available online.

A video showing Golf being played on the Nintendo Switch:

To gain access, users must either wait until July 11th (the day Satoru Iwata passed away) or buy a new console that has yet to connect to the internet (altering the console’s date won’t work as it will be properly adjusted upon connecting) and then use a hand gesture with the controllers that Satoru Iwata was known for doing during the Nintendo Direct presentations:

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    • A general rule about DLC I have is that I would never buy anything locked on disc. 90 odd percent of DLC out there, especially on the Playstation Network is disc locked dlc. You get a small 100 odd kb file that unlocks the content. Its a disgusting business practice to lock something a customer has paid for on the disc.

      • I don’t see why it’s a disgusting practice. You pay for license. A license to use a certain content. It doesn’t actually matters if that content is present in binary form on a data storage you have acquired along with that license. As long as you buy an additional license to use that content – whether it’s downloaded after that or unlocked on the disk that you already have, doesn’t actually matters.

        Now, I agree to your reasons that we should not buy cash-grabbing DLC, but just because it’s a low-effort cash-grab, and not because it’s locked on a disc.

        In fact, I think we should not buy the original game at all if it have low-quality DLCs, lootboxes, micro-transactions, e.t.c.