Final Fantasy VIII Omega Weapon “Beaten With Potions”



One determined individual has managed to discover an effortless strategy for beating the incredibly difficult secret boss hidden in highly criticized Square Enix RPG Final Fantasy VIII, with the infamous Omega Weapon being defeated in record time thanks to the use of a handful of potions.

The exploit involves tossing potions onto Omega Weapon during the battle, with this action somehow causing the formidable foe to stop responding completely and allowing players to beat him in a matter of minutes:

The tactic has apparently been known by at least one person since 2015 (as demonstrated by another NicoNico Douga video), though it seems the secret had still been unheard of to most until now – while it is not known whether or not the tactic is an exploit or intentional, it has certainly lessened the challenge of the taxing fight.

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