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Almost Half “Would Use” Men-Only Carriages


Despite the idea starting to gain momentum, one survey conducted by Shirabe’s editorial department has revealed that most men, when given the choice to ride on a male-only carriage, would apparently prefer to cower in fear of imminent female accusation on normal carriages.

For years it has been reputed that packed Japanese trains are common areas for women to become victims of molestation (one of Shirabe’s surveys revealed that roughly 60% of women claim to have been molested), however, false accusations are seemingly almost as common – whether by mistake or malice, and with no actual proof required other than a female’s testimony the men caught up in them are usually doomed to public shaming and sacking.

Interested in the opinions of the actual male populace on this matter, Shirabe’s editorial department asked 242 men (aged from 20 to 60) who commute to school or work whether they would ride a male-only carriage if given the chance – results revealed that 47.9% would do so.


An area-based survey also revealed that 43.8% of Tokyoites, 58.8% of Kanagawa males but only 38.3% of Kinki residents would be willing to ride such trains:


Alternate forms of preventing crimes has previously emerged in the form of surveillance cameras, with the Yamanote line to have cameras installed across 550 cars (albeit before the 2020 Olympics), a procedure that would cost ยฅ2 billion – stickers will be placed throughout to let passengers know that their every movement is being recorded, though such a system may yet exacerbate the problem of false accusations…

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