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Fate/Grand Order Secures 10 Million Downloads


Delight Works has revealed that the widely enjoyed Fate/Grand Order has managed to accrue 10 million total downloads in Japan, an impressive feat that some may consider a sign that Japanese society is devolving into brainless zombies who do nothing but play with their smartphones all day.

The news was announced during a stage event at the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair, a special in-game campaign is also being held in celebration of the milestone – players will additionally receive 30 Saint Quartz (in-game currency) if the campaign’s twitter post obtains more than 100,000 tweets (a goal that came to fruition in barely 3 hours).

The game’s English iteration secured 1 million downloads at the start of September, sporting a decently high level of notoriety (which many did not expect of the western barbarians) and bound to be generating even more cash for the already colossal Fate franchise.

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