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Dragon Quest XI “More Party Members For Switch!?”


A recent questionnaire concerning Dragon Quest XI has been unveiled by Square Enix, with one particular question causing fans to rabidly theorize that the most popular characters chosen may end up becoming playable for the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of the RPG.

Meant for those who have already finished the revered RPG, the questionnaire asks buyers 14 questions about their experience, with the rather direct question of “If you could make one NPC in the game playable, who would it be?” prompting fans to speculate that new characters may be on their way to the game’s upcoming Switch version.

Previous Dragon Quest games have had similar events happen, such as Psaro in Dragon Quest 4 and Morrie and Geruda in Dragon Quest 8 becoming playable in their respective titles – some wouldn’t be surprised if such an event occurred again.

In addition, 30 random people who complete the questionnaire will also be given a card case:


Fans have until September 24th to complete the questionnaire.

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